What contest

  1. What contest

    Hey there, I would really like to get my feet wet and do a competition sometime in may, preferably late may. I have already been dieting down very strict for about 5 weeks now.

    Heres the deal. I live in Cadillac, Mi, and there was going to be a local show called the "Cadillac Classic" on may 6th. I was pumped. I started checking around on the net and everytime I see it posted there is also a link to the NANBF which is the North American Natural Bodybuilding Federation so I take it that the show is sponsored by them? On their banned substances list they have quite a few things I have taken: ephedra, rebound xt is in there, I believe albuterol is in there, and I ran a short cycle of ergomax in December. I would not be taking anything of the sort in the next few months, but they polygraph and I dont want to try and be a cheater by getting around this somehow.

    Now, knowing what I ahve taken, what shows in michigan could I do. I have been searching all over. Thanks in advance.

    p.s. I know Beast is doing the NPC Michigan Championships on May 20th in Detroit but that is a national qualifier.....seems to me like I would get my ass handed to me.

    edit: date is "may 6th", not "may 8th"

  2. My advice: don't worry about whether or not you'll get your ass handed to you. Just make sure you DON'T get your ass handed to you by being the absolute best you can be. Don't half-ass it, find a diet, an ultra rigid diet, and stick to it with military precision. Find a training scheme and stick to it with military precision. Let nothing stand in the way betwen you, your diet, and your training.

    You do that, and you can do well in any competition, national qualifier or not.

    So ultimately, my advice is: aim high.

  3. Thanks for the support. What better way to get my feet wet. I wish they had a tall division for that show though!!!!!!

  4. My first contest will be the NYC NPC Metropolitan Bodybuilding Championships.

    Arguably one of, if not THE, biggest National Qualifier in New York City.

    The way I see it, knowing the calibur of the contestants, I can't afford to slip up for so much as a single meal, a single workout, a single supplement, a single drug. Everything must be perfect and I know it. It keeps me from ****ing up because in order to stay on track and be the best I can, all I have to say to myself is:

    if you eat that, you'll lose.

    if you don't train today, you'll lose

    if you don't crank out those 3 more reps, you'll lose

    if you don't do an extra set, you'll lose

    if you don't get to sleep RIGHT NOW, you'll lose

    The list goes on. It's taught me a lot of what I really am capable of. To give you an idea of what's possible when you put your mind to it...

    Here's me at the beginning:

    And here's me last week:

    That last pic was about 6 weeks out. Currently as of today I'm 5 weeks out. I still have a ways to go, so I'm not letting up.

    You just take on that mindset, and you'll kick ass. It isn't easy. Matter of fact it is the most difficult thing you will ever put yourself through most likely. Your will shall be tested to a degree you didn't think possible.

  5. I concur with Nulli, and just because it is a national qualifier means nothing if anything besides winning the damned thing think of it as a learning experience, and also keep on thes boards it will make a difference.

  6. Thanks fellas. I am going to shoot for the May 20th show in Detroit. I know Beast will be there and I hope to god I am not in his class... ....

    I will be eligible for the novice class, the tall class (have to check again if they have it), and most likely the heavyweight class.



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