15 weeks out, whats your opinion

  1. 15 weeks out, whats your opinion

    week 15- week 8

    Test(either sust, or test en)

    Week 8- till show


    deciding wether to nse nolva right thru

    diuretic - Aldactone

    So what does everyone think of that, i should be ready after 15 weeks.

  2. you don't need the aldactone until 2 days before your show

    i would use aromasin or adex as opposed to nolva

    i would still run test (either susp or prop) up until a week before the show

    and this goes without saying but obviously diet is the biggest factor here

  3. whats the diff. between nolva and aromasin and adex? The reason I ask is because I am actually concerned with using nolva for so long. I dont want to cripple any gains but on the other hand I dont want to have to stop training because of gyno. I was just going to take it with the heavier compounds. I will post diet next, it is very simple

  4. Nolva shouldn't hinder any of your gains. I would run adex but 10mg of nolva would be a good idea if your gyno prone.

  5. nolva is an anti-estrogen whereas aromasin and adex are AIs ... they will work better against bloat and keeping your dry than nolva will

    its good to have nolva on hand for gyno of course

  6. You won't be able to use clen straight through. I'd recommending adding keto too it if you want to use clen for any more than 2 weeks.

  7. I will be runnig clen 2 on 2 off. So far I am using armidex with Anadrol and I have no side effects. Yahnks for the advice


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