What's a good weight??

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by bigpetefox
    It depends on your shape and what muscle you have on your frame.. I think I look the same at 169-171 as I do now, just leaner..
    how much are you now?

  2. i believe pete is around 205ish now .. could be wrong though

  3. I appreciate the guesstimate, but I'm hovering around 198-202 right now.. Abit of a bump in protein and EFA's I should be around 205 again..

  4. I agree with alot of the other posts. 2 guys 5' 7" 190 at 5%bp can look totally different.

    my brother and I are the same height. but are weights at same bf are totally different. He is lighter than me. He has always been lean and muscular medium build. Me I am a neanderthal very large shoulders and bones..protruding brow..lol..if we both weighed 220 he would look a lot bigger than I .. best of luck if you decide to do it...I am sure you would do well refried..

  5. just curious, at 5ft9 around 210 competition would this do well, i know the weight is semi-relevant but hey, its something to compare to.

  6. At 5'7 and shredded, you're looking pretty big once you get over 180lbs IMO.

    I know this guy, Tad Inoue, and he came in at 5'7" and 191lbs (Border States 2005) at this competition--and he has an average BBer waist, too....nothing Melvin Anthony-ish by any means.

  7. yes i agree


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