Know of an lower level amateur comps for my little brother?

  1. Know of an lower level amateur comps for my little brother?

    My little brother who is 19 years old would like to compete next year before his 20th birthday...does anyone know of any shows near the Tampa/Orlando Florida area that he could enter obviously as a novice or lowest level amateur?

    I'm not sure if it matters whether or not the competition is tested as he claims to have never used AAS and I believe him...but I'm almost positive he has used PH's at least once as I found an empty bottle of M1T in his room a year ago or to whether or not he is on any now I'm not sure.

    I personally don;t know much about competing and thought you guys could thanks in advance for any replies, information, advice etc


    Also...he is 5'5" 159 @ 8% if that matters any?!


    take a look through there

    he will be able to compete as a teen up until 21 (at the vast majority of shows) and you can compete in more than one divison so he can compete as a teen, novice, and open if he wanted to

  3. hey glen, I appreciate your response bro.

    They have a tone of shows on that PDF...if I contact the event sponsors/directors would they know around what time that particular show will be held next year?

    My brother is not looking to compete until probably may-september of next year...unfortunately they don't usually post the schedules for next years shows until like jan.

    Also, I've been thinking about it a lot...cause I know he knows an awful lot about what he is doing for a 19 year old...hes pretty strict with his diet, his training is unbelievable, the only thing I was curious was your opinion?

    Is 19 too young to start competing?

    Should one try and build a heavier and thicker physique before enetering any competitions?

    Or is it beneficial for someone considering this to be a lifetime hobby to compete early and get a feel for it prior to their body's maturity years?

    thansk for all your help bro,

  4. i don't think 19 is too young .. and IMO dieting down will help him grow after the competition .. its incredibly easy to put on weight once you're at 5% and you start eating a good amount again .. plus once you've dieted down that hard its a lot easier to get back down that way the next time

    so i don't think there is any problem with starting young .. plus BB is something you really need to feel out for yourself to see what works specifically for you .. so the more comps under your belt the better

  5. I second what glen said. I did my first show last year at 18 and had a blast. I'm currently 7 and 8 weeks out from my shows right now. If ur bro wants to compete let him. The more experience the better.

  6. I agree...I want him to compete...I think it is a good idea and wish I had thought about it as young as him unfortunately I did not take training seriously until I was at least 19 or 20 where as he has been training religious since about 16 :-/


  7. NPC is the way to go. They have alot of shows in my state every year. Most are near the coastal region. I have done one myself. One of my biggest mistakes was not practicing posing enough. It got me third instead of second. Or could it have been there were only three in my class. Oh well. Good luck, it will be alot of fun. Most everyone will be pretty cool about talking with you about how you can make improvements.

  8. thats good to hear...whats reccomended for posing? i believe they have posing vids which I'm sure he is planning on using since it is his first go round.

    As far as tanning I know he just want to use tanning bedsand a lot of Protan.

    I think he will need the most help on his pre-contest dieting...he is gonna start 16 weeks out to give himeself AMPLE amount of time cause everyone says to leave a lot of cushion for your first time dieting down.

    what do you guys think?


  9. I just posted this in another thread asking about tanning, this is my way of doing it but I'm also very pale before I start tanning, posting this just so you can get an idea. Moisturizing and exfoliating are very important to get a deep even tan.

    I use stand up beds since it gives you more even color about 3 times a week starting 5 weeks out, for the first 2 weeks I'll go 3 times a week, the 3rd week I go every other day, then the last week i go every day, I dont use tanning beds the last week since it makes u hold a slight film of water. I apply Protan starting wednesday 2 coats, thursday 2 coats and friday 3 coats. Then I'll aply a bronzer such as ultra bronze backstage. I also start moisturizing 2-3 times a day and exfoliating every day for 4 weeks before the show.

  10. i bought a posing dvd that helped out a ton i can't remember the name off hand i will try to find the stupid thing which is currently very lost (although if you do a search for posts by me with posing dvd you should find it on here .. maybe)

    i tan pretty much like serge said except for the protan i put a coat on thursday night 3 coats friday and 2 coats saturday before the show and 1 before the night show ... i take a quick rinse shower friday morning before the 1st coat of the day otherwise i don't shower until saturday after the show

  11. Here are all the posing vids on

  12. thanks a lot man... I appreciate it bro!


  13. no problem, I know how hard it is to get started on your own.


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