carb cycling with krala

  1. carb cycling with krala

    my carb cycling is

    low carb day <100g
    low carb day <100g
    high carb day <250g

    any suggestions on dose amount, which days and times of day to take it? thanks bros

  2. can't give much advice here as i don't cycle my carbs .. but it would be helpful if you posted exactly what carbs, when they are eaten, and how much of them for the different types of days

  3. Agreed, also is 100 carb considered low?

  4. 100 is a max #...and yeah with a post workout shake...thats basically no added carbs the rest of the day....

    carb up day would be something like...

    11am-1cup oats/pre workout shake
    11:30am-1pm xtend during lift
    1pm-ABB lean recovery w/ 37g carbs
    3pm-1.5 cups cottage cheese, 1 cup oats
    5pm-8oz fat free turket, 1 cup oats
    8pm-8oz chicken breast w/ brocolli
    12am-some form of straight protein

  5. forgot low carb day...

    i gotta go to work...but here it is in a nutshell glen

    basically just the abb lean recovery shake then at all the meal times, cottage cheese, tuna w/ FF mayo, or some other lean meat...and usually always w/ brocolli cause im hungry as hell

  6. anyone?...

  7. check out the carb cycling articles (part 1 and 2) in Mind and Muscle at Avant.


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