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  1. get ripped

    anyone else have a proposed diet for the week leading up to a show. i saw the 7 day plan in the previous thread, but i'm looking for alternate methods that people have used with success.

    this isn't so much for a competition, rather than just trying to bring out that added definition for a day at the beach or a photo shoot etc.

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    All I can really say would be to low carb it for most of the week and then add them back in carefully. No reason in being to precise since it's only for the beach. You may also want to take in some dandelion root. You may also want to take in some GXR or Krala during your carb load.

  3. Vitargo would be good for the loading phase..

  4. 25g oats from tues -thurs
    0 carbs friday

    eat as much **** as possible saturday morning

    3 gals water monday - thurs
    1.5 or so gals water friday until 4pm

    that's obviously a super quick description

  5. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    eat as much **** as possible saturday morning
    By **** what do you mean. It seems to me that alot of simple carbs and protein would be very good Saturday, but when you say **** some people may think, over all junk food (laden with fat and carb) this IMHO would defeat the purpose of the simple carb, as it will slow down the refeed a lot.

    But what do I know I only have 3 posts...

  6. no i mean exactly that foods that are FILLED with simple carbs and fat .. at that point protein is worthless

    before my show i ate

    pancakes with tons of syrup
    a pizza (yes an entire pizza)
    white toast with jam
    donuts, blueberry muffins, cookies, cake
    snickers bar

    basically as long as you are depleted and dry enough (these are both SO VERY important) than its pretty impossible to **** up a **** load

    all the **** you are taking in will go straight to filling glycogen stores

    this is why so many people say they look better the day after a show (because the night after the show they pig out on **** and the next day they look great because of it)

    traditional carb ups certainly work .. there is just more room for error with those

    i can go a lot more in depth if anyone would like, but i can say for experience it works VERY well

    oh its also VERY important to take in a ton of sodium at this point (after having done a sodium depletion)

  7. Hmmm, you don't think it would of worked a lot better without any fat? I don't know how fat can be converted to glycogen. Also don't you think dietary fat will slow the absorption of sugars ie. simple carbs?

    I am interested in hearing your thougt on this. By that rational then a good post WO meal would consist of carbs protein and fat? No? Or am I missing something, I understand that the subject is depleated, but post WO you are pretty depleated as well.

  8. real quickly .. that would be a terrible PWO meal because the point of a PWO meal isn't to look good for a few hours .. you WILL spill over eventually with a ****load BUT it works like a gem during the show

    i will get back to you with the fat thing i'm kinda in a rush now

  9. how did you look at the night show if the spillover happens only hours after?


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