Strange question about shaving

  1. Strange question about shaving

    I've been thinkin bout competing in a fitness competition "Any fitness competition really" but I REALLY don't wanna shave my legs. Is there any show that its not mandatory to shave?

  2. its not mandatory for any show...being hairless helps show more striations and size

  3. i would suggest just getting waxed to be honest. i agree with the guy above this reply it will show more of your deff as well as some veins which are possitives.

  4. last year at a local show a competitor only clipped his leg hair (no guard) and got 3rd out of 8 or 9 competitors...

    id say shave them, i do pre contest only (clippers 2 weeks out and then razor 2 days before), and it helps to be shaved when putting on tan and keeping tan even
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