Contest Day Advice (supps and judging questions)

  1. Contest Day Advice (supps and judging questions)

    So for contest day I have a few questions:

    What is the correct way to go about supplementation i.e. NO booster(yoked), vitamins, BCAAs, things of this nature. Obviously water consumption is going to be very low and I'm unsure as to what is really necessary to consume.

    Also, if you have to pick which part of the show you looked better for, prejudging or finals, which would it be? I'm assuming finals, but this is my first so I'd just like a little clarification. Thanks in advance!

  2. I am interested in this also.

    My guess is no bcaa or NO supps the day of. Not necessary. Also I believe pre judging is the most important time.

  3. I posted this on another forum and got a good amount of responses. Check the contest prep section o the dreaded

  4. Contest day supps are not really important. Maybe some non fluish Niacin to help with vascularity but none are important. Just make sure your tan is good, you have a good pump, and you have fun.

    Prejudging is most important because it is when the winner of each class is picked. The night show is for the fans but if win your class be ready to battle for the overall!

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  5. I used plasma jet the morning of. I swallowed it with coke. That was it. I got good results from it too.

  6. quick digesting carbs about 30 min prior to pre-judging will help make muscle pop and make u fuller as long as you're shredded

  7. I've read a candy bar 15-30 mins before stage.
    I pick things up... and i put em down...

  8. I hAve my clients eat regular meals ( NO FATS) but small portions up to prejudging. Keep the protein and carbs at 50/50 ratio . Bout an hour or so before you hit the stage start eating some sugary candies , I prefer some sour patch jelly candies. Like stated above if your shredded nothing will really hurt you too much as long as you stay away from water. After PJ go have a regular lunch and throw some salt on it, this will help bring out more vasularity and help dry you out even more.
    Before the night show, sip a regular Pepsi or coke before your on stage this will give a good pump as your "pumping" up . Everyone has there own little rituals , watch other. Competitors while your there, you will see and learn some things as well as things you probably shouldn't do . Just watch the guys that look the best , most of them will prob be eating and doing some of the same things.
    Good luck and have fun
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  9. For the most part prejudging is more important but if you have to win the overall (ie to get Pro card) then you have to be good enough at prejudging to win your class but spot on perfect for finals

    Day of depends on what you look like. I have woke up flat then for North Americans I spilled overnight so what we did from 5am til prejudge was vastly different for those different circumstances.

    Generally i stick with carbs very little protein
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  10. Thanks for continuing to provide sound advice. I just decided to jump in on the Ronnie Coleman Classic (Physique) at the end of March. I'm pretty lean still, so seven weeks of prep time should be attainable.


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