T3 & Clen

  1. T3 & Clen

    I posted this in the weight lost section but got no feedback.

    So I am planning to run a short 4 week cycle of clen/t3. I have three major concerns. 1) What dosage should I run the t3 at-I've read that you should work up to a 100 mcg/day. My concern is, should dosage be dependent on body weight? 2) There are mixed reviews about the catabolic affects of t3 with regards to should an anabolic be taken with it. If so which one- oral only. 3)Lastly should I still run a caloric deficit or not considering the potency of the combination. TIA

  2. I'd like to read some feed back for this?? My thoughts on what iv seen with t3 is that it's ****. Not worth it. Nothing that hard work and good diet couldn't do on its own. Wouldn't recommend that crap to anyone. Clen tho. Great to harden up at the end. May be last 4 weeks of a 12 week diet. Great anti catabolic. And sweat like crazy. Stop it about 2 or 3 days out if your worried about the shaking. Just my thoughts. Interesting to read more??

  3. Leave the T3 alone and save yourself from accidentally frying your thyroid. Quite honestly, the old ECA stack was great and add in yohimbe for the beta 2 receptors and l-carnitine for fat oxidation. When I was competing (in the dark ages lol) the only stimulant I used was caffeine, and lots of it. Cutting is done in the kitchen, the other things just help a bit.
    Pain is just weakness leaving the body...

  4. Awesome!!!

  5. Yeah I ran some T3 at the begining of a test cycle and lost quite a bit of muscle.



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