competition diet without competing?

  1. competition diet without competing?

    Ok.. in this post I have a few links so just bare with me… has anyone dieted down to about 5% just to get the rewards of the rebound? I always thought the rebound was just water weight but I’ve read a lot where your body has the ability to put on 8-10 lbs of pure muscle those first 4 weeks. So basically you could put on 6 months worth of muscle pretty dang quickly.

    the reason i'm posting it here is because this is the only section where ppl have a reason to get this lean..

    I think I’m about 10% at the moment give or take… and I was gonna stop dieting in 3 weeks but if this is all true I was thinking about extending it for 3-4 more weeks..

    Here’s a link that explains it for the very small percentage of you that dont know what i'm talking about.. haha.. very small.....

    And here’s a link that maybe proves it..

  2. Firstly the reboud probably isn't worth the muscle you may loose getting down to 4-5%, and secondly the rebound effect most likely stems from muscle memory, as you gain quickly back what you may have lost in muscle (and often times fat). The hunger levels I had due to increased leptin I put out at 4% trying to clean bulk up to ~10% was pretty ridiculous, and kind of made bulking feel like an extension of my contest diet! lol

  3. so you'd say not to go through with it.. i was also kinda curious to diet lean because i want to compete in the next 16-28 months

  4. Well..... I wouldn't say that it is an absolutely horrible idea, just because once you've gone down to 5% you know just how hard you have to kick you're bodies ass to get there and that will be to your advantage if you plan to compete.

    But don't get down there for a magical rebound over the rainbow! Because you could end up finding out the hard way that you're not that guy off of who can eat however many bagels and suffer very little for it post contest, haha.

    It's also pretty sweet to look that lean though.... XD

  5. haha you read the thread.. yeah he went on a few binges... how long do u think it would take me to get to about 7% bf?

  6. also the first time you cut into the 5% range it rarely goes perfectly as you are learning what works for your body and what doesnt. in other words you cut could go wrong and you lose more muscle mass than intended. it usually takes most people a few cuts to get it right.

  7. me at around what i believe to be 10%
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  8. Looking pretty lean. Do you want a no holds barred bulk or keep it fairly lean? I guess it also depends on how easy it is for you to get even to where you are now. I don't think you would have much trouble going from where you are now to contest unless you have maxed out everything to get to where you are now.


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