Best Hair Removal Products?

  1. Best Hair Removal Products?

    I'm looking to remove the hair on my chest and lower back. What are some of the best products i can use to do this? What are some of the best Hair removal creams or depilatories that won't harm my skin, because i'm also looking to tan.

  2. Is shaving better?

  3. Also, whats the best way to use a depilatorie?
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    Just man-up and get a wax mate, best method bar none.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by UKStrength View Post
    Just man-up and get a wax mate, best method bar none.
    How long does waxing last for?

  6. does everybody just shave their body hair prior to competition

  7. Ive looked at this thread a couple of times, hoping to see someone else respond with some advice, and there are numerous threads on the same topic, with varying advice. Ive picked up a bottle of nair for men, and Im going to try that and see how it works on my legs and arms. I tried a little patch on my thigh, and it definitely took "some" of the hair off, it didnt burn, but it was definitely getting to the point of an pretty intense tingling sensation when I took it off, so you have to follow the directions. Im a pretty hairy guy, so if it really thins out the hair and then I just have to shave it up to neatin out whats left, that will be fine for me.. Its less than 10 bucks, so buy a bottle and give it a try, let us know how you make out.
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  8. Hey man, Veet really works good for me, But if you have a contest coming up I would do it earlier in the week and then straight razor the rest of the week. It can cause irritation with posin oil and tanning products.

  9. if body hair is long, i trim with hair clippers first at lowest setting. not worrying about getting it perfect, just getting it way down,

    then i shave. def much easier if you trim first.

    mach 5 works wonders, especially the single edge shaver on the back side of the blade around the nipples and belly button.
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  10. get one of those razors girls use for there legs, the ones with the fat blade with two huge comforting strips and the blades in the middle. Trim the hair then the day of competition or day b4 go over it with that and then use razor bump instant relief 48 hrs visable results and you will be good... **** will cost u about 20 bucks total.

  11. Just bought some Sally Hansen Extra Strength Spray-On Shower-Off Hair Remover, tried a patch on my leg, seemed to work pretty damn good. Just sharing an fyi.
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