Big Swole's NPC ALL FORCES Prep

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  1. Big Swole's NPC ALL FORCES Prep

    I am currently 6-1 230 pounds or so. I can see abs decently. I will be training 6 days a week. I am 35 years old.
    Day 1 Chest, calves, Biceps
    Day 2 Back, abs
    Day 3 Shoulders, Trapz, Triceps
    Day 4 Quads, Calves
    Day 5 Hams, calves,
    Start over again.

    Meal 1 4 EGGS 3 SLICES Turkey bacon, 2 pkt oats, instant
    Meal 2 1 svg UP YOUR MASS
    Meal 3 6 oz 93% lean beef, Brown rice, or Sweet potato.
    Meal 4 same as 2
    Meal 5 6 oz chicken 1-2 cups white rice
    Meal 6 2 cans tuna, small salad. vinagrette dressing

    I will be doing cardio, as needed. I am in the military, and will also be doing exercise 3-5 days a week with my command.
    If needed I will be doing treadmill or stairmill 30-40 minutes a day am on a empty stomach.

    Feel free to comment and add your two cents. I need the support and constructive criticism.

  2. I will be adding BCAA's, Whey isolate, multi-vitamin, EFA'S, fenugreek, Calcium magnesium, melatonin, probiotics, AXIS HT, My cycle which I will list soon. It will begin 8 weeks out. Digestive enzymes, and pre workout will be Jacked3d, post will by SNI Glyco charge.

  3. Other then calves 2 days in a row, everything is looking good!

  4. Thanks you're right. I will adjust that.

  5. Do you have any specific plan that you are going to follow like the gameoverdiet or Chris Acetos championship bodybuilding?

  6. I am very interested in getting Chris Aceto's championship bodybuilding book. I cant quite afford a coach, but that is a close second. I have my manditory poses down pretty good, and I have someone who can judge my routine. I have my music already, but getting the diet down right by someone with his knowledge would be nice. I do pretty well eating on my own, but I may not be eating enough.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Cooky32 View Post
    I am very interested in getting Chris Aceto's championship bodybuilding book. I cant quite afford a coach, but that is a close second. I have my manditory poses down pretty good, and I have someone who can judge my routine. I have my music already, but getting the diet down right by someone with his knowledge would be nice. I do pretty well eating on my own, but I may not be eating enough.
    I'm currently using the gameoverdiet by scivation as my base; its free at i also plan on following the gameday book. i'm not saying you have to follow them exactly but they will give you a good understanding of what is needed to diet down for stage condition.

  8. Thanks very much. I have been unable to get online a few days. Sorry this is late. I will either follow the game over diet, and if needed adjust to the ketogenic diet. I have also done that one before, with good results. Thanks a lot.

  9. Ok, Today is 20 May. I got up at 445 packed my food, and went to work. US NAVY.
    I had coffee, and after I got to work ate half of my breakfast. I didnt have time to finish. I then had a shake 50gm whey Isolate, 1 TBSP macadamia nut oil soon after to finish the meal. I ate the other half of breakfast an hour later or so. Then I did cardio at 1045 am. I walked from work to a parking garage with 6 floors, went up the stairs, down the stairs, and up and then down again. I then walked back to the ship. I had 1 svg animal cuts prior to cardio.

    I ate some whole grain pasta and another 50gm shake with some green tea.
    At about 1245 I had part of a bbq sandwhich on whole grain bun.
    I left work, for the gym. I got to the gym around 3 pm. I had 1 svg Isopure ready to drink with 1 scoop Jack3d.
    I trained chest and triceps.
    3 Sets machine flyes.
    4 sets Barbell Incline press.
    205 x 6
    225 x 6
    235 x 6
    205 x 10

    3 sets Hammer strength Incline press.
    3 sets Hammer Strength Flat press
    3 sets Pec deck flyes.

    2 SETS double DB skull crushers 40 x 12, 50, x 8
    Single arm ovhd DB extensions. 40 x 12, 50 x 6

    Rope push downs FST

    I had 1 Svg Mass Explosion by Nutrex post training
    I came home and ate More pasta and lean ground beef.
    Cardio 20 min. HIIT on Elliptical
    6-8 OZ lean steak, 1.5 Cups peas
    Bowl Grape nuts cereal with Blueberries, and splenda.
    8 oz Kefir
    2 scoops Isopure
    This was today. I feel good. My diet will get stricter, and food intake will get stricter. I will be carb cycling.
    I will include heavier training from time to time.

  10. Friday, was back day.

    Meal 1 1 svg real gains
    snack cashews
    Meal 3 Subway club....emergency.
    Train Back Jack3d Pre, and Mass Explosion Post
    Meal 4 50gm whey, 1 svg Coconut Milk, 1 cup oats, w/cinnamon, blueberries, strawberries
    Train Arms Powerade w/Jack3d
    Meal 5 Pork Chop, Couscous 1/2 cup
    Meal 6 50gm whey Isopure, 4 strawberries, 1 tbsp Macadamia nut oil

    I did 4 exercises for back Pull ups, bent rows, hammer strength rows, cable rows.
    I did 6 exercises for arms. DB Curls, Barbell curls, preacher curls, cable curls, rope press downs, 1 arm DB extensions, dips.

  11. Sat.

    Cardio 8am 45 minutes.
    Meal 1 50gm whey, 1 cup oats with blueberries, strawberries, cinnamon.
    Train Shoulders, trapz, calves, During 1 Isopure, RTD, with 1 scoop jack3d.
    Post Mass Explosion by Nutrex
    Meal 2 4 eggs scrambled 2pcs turkey bacon

    Meal 3 steak 6-8 oz, and peas 1 cup
    Meal 4 pork chop 6-8 oz 1/2 cp couscous
    Meal 5 Smoked Oysters 50gm whey isolate.
    Meal 6 50gm Isopure, Peanut butter

  12. Sunday,

    Woke up late 08:54 am
    Cardio 30 MIN.
    Meal 1 4 eggs scrambled. 2 pcs turkey bacon, onions, mushrooms
    1PC Toast, whole grain, and flax bread, w/ smart balance spread
    Pre training NAKED Protein smoothie
    Train Legs Jack3d
    Post Mass Explosion
    Meal 2 50gm Isopure, handful walnuts
    Meal 3 chicken breast, rice pilaf
    Meal 4 same
    Meal 5 50 gm Isopure 1 tbsp Macadamia nut oil

    Supps: Vitamin shoppe Multi vitamin, Fish oil, Daily detox, Liver support, digestive enzymes, glutamine, jack3d, mass explosion, DHEA, animal cuts, schiff move free

    I am beginning to see the lines now. My midsection is coming along nicely too. I will take measurements tomorrow morning.

  13. I got HAY FEVER recently, but have been powering thru. Work has been ridiculous. Being in the NAVY on a ship can be draining, but I am trying to stay focused. Many of you dont know my wife is 1500 miles away from me. I live with my best friend and his wife. They are not dieting for a bodybuilding show, but eat relatively clean which helps. I had a good leg day recently, but I want great leg days. My training partner has been working with a seal team lately. I have not taken measurements since I got sick. I am merely trying to keep the muscle on, and get in shape. My pre contest cycle begins in two weeks.

  14. Sorry, I know its been a bit since I wrote. Today, is duty, but training is going great. I can see more vascularity, and muscle coming thru now. 7 weeks left. My diet is clean, but I have been eating one cheat meal a week. Its kept me sane. I am still doing cardio once daily. Its been hard to keep the time in the morning, but I do my best. I do it at 1030 am during the week, and upon waking on weekends. I am on cycle which is also going well. My supplement stack is listed on another thread. I am on duty today, and will be exhausted tomorrow. I will take a nap, and then train. Tomorrow is delts, trapz, and calves.

  15. First off id like to give you a big Raahhh, as you can see im a Marine. Second off i know how hard it is to eat clean with everything that seems to go on in the Military, i myself am in the off season right now although cutting, weird eh, so i can compete in my first show next year.

    So needless to say ill be following along and good luck my fellow brother!
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  16. Thanks bro.

    Morning either 50gm Nitro Peak, and 1 toasted whole grain bagel, or
    4 eggs 2 pcs turkey bacon, onions, and potato scrambled. I might go no potato if low carb day
    Shake with EFA meal 2 Macadamia nut oil, 1 tbsp, or 1 svg peanut butter. Maranatha Brand.
    Meal 3 6-8 oz beef or chicken breast. veggies, and sweet potato, or white potato.
    pre training, either 8 oz lowfat cottage cheese, or 1 scoop Nitro Peak
    Pre workout, champion glyco peak, or jacked 3d, or Expand Extreme pump
    Post 2 scoops Nitro Peak, 1 tsp Creatine Mono.
    Meal 4 Chicken breast 1 whole, and veggies
    Meal 5 same. I will add more carbs on high carb days.
    I have some red wine a few times a week. I am going cardio 1 hour mon-fri, and 45 minutes on weekend.

    Thanks bro

  17. The weekend went ok, except for helping a friend move, which was a mistake. I am getting leaner, but not losing weight. 225 still. BP is still normal. High normal, but ok. Diet is good. Both high carb days almost done. Low for next 3 days. All my carbs will be from first 3 meals. I will take in 20 around the workout. Just enough. I am using Nitro Peak Protein now. Its good stuff. I trained legs yesterday. I still got 355 on squats for a few. I was pretty tired from helping a friend move though. Strength is good.

    Today was arms.
    preacher curl machine 3 sets.
    Preacher bench with ez bar. 3 sets
    Seated DB curl 3 sets, superset with light db.
    Hammer curl, superset with db curls
    Barbell curls

    V-bar press downs 3 sets
    skull crushers 3 sets
    ovhd dumbell press 3 sets
    v bar press downs 3 sets
    calves 3 sets seated sled
    THIS was today. Cardio is steps, or treadmill, steady state, 45 min. to one hour. 6 days weekly due to duty day.

  18. Yesterdays Back routine was 3 sets Pull ups
    5 sets Hammer strength rows.
    3 Sets reverse grip pull downs, hammer strength
    3 sets seated rows
    Meal 1 50 gm Nitro Peak, 1 tsp Fiber
    Snack. Peanut Butter. Smart Balance Brand
    Meal 2 Chicken Breast, veggies
    Meal 3 8 oz Cottage cheese. Lowfat
    Meal 4 50gm Nitro Peak
    Meal 5 Chicken Breast Veggies
    Meal 6 8 oz Cottage Cheese

  19. Sorry Its been too long since I wrote. Prep is going well. I have lost 4 inches in the waist. I am getting more vascular now, and my physique is really taking shape. Carb-cycling has kept me pretty full, and round. I am eating mostly chicken, top round steak, eggs, and whey Protein, veggies, brown rice, steel cut oats, and potatoes. I keep it clean, and snack on peanut butter, or nuts. Training is great. I keep it somewhat heavy, and the reps range from 6-20. Intensity is good.

    Cardio is good, but I missed two days due to duty. I try to work harder when I miss cardio.

    My split is Chest, back, delts trapz, legs, arms.
    I work calves twice a week, and abs sporadically. I am terrible about abs.

    Meal 1 4 eggs, two whites, 2 pcs turkey bacon.
    Meal 2 50gm Nitro Peak, and 1 tsp Fiber.
    Meal 3 6-8 oz chicken Breast and veggies.
    Meal 4 50gm Nitro Peak, and 1 tsp Fiber.
    Meal 5 6-8 oz Top round steak and veggies.
    Meal 6 chicken, and veggies.

    This is low carb day. I add potatos to meal 1, and brown rice to the others.

    Does anyone have an opinion on whether or not whey isolate is the only protein to use for contest prep? I might get Gasparis myofusion.

  20. Legs today. Leg extensions to start, and get blood in the quads. Hack squats following. 2 plates each side first set of 12. 3 plates each side, 2nd set, and 4 plates each side 3rd set. all twelve reps.

    Leg press, 5 plates each side, 1st set, of twelve. 8 plates next two sets, with calf raises after each set.
    Squats next. slightly wide stance. 135x12, 225x12, 315x8.
    Tired today, from low carbs, and work.

    Still on 20mg SD Daily, and 90 MG Tren.
    Evening Primrose oil
    Fish oil,
    Multi vitamin
    Vitamin c
    Hawthorne berry
    Liver support
    Osteo Bi Flex
    Nitro Peak, and Jacked 3d, storm, and Glutamine.

    Tired today. I need some rest.

  21. OK, arms today. I did cardio this morning, and then some posing. I was so pumped and vascular today. I am pumped about how good I am beginning to look. I began carb loading today. I cycle my carbs. Today and the weekend I will eat carbs all meals, and then lower it all next week.

    Still pretty strong, and getting leaner.
    Superdrol still at 20mg's. Epistane starts in a few weeks or so. Maybe sooner. Tren at 90mg's

  22. OK, So I went home to Texas on vacation to be with family, and get a break from work to prep for the contest without any stress or disturbance. It was wonderful to be home.
    I am currently 220 LBS, and between 8 and 9% BF. I have less than 3 weeks to go.
    I am doing between 30 and 45 minutes of cardio daily. I start with 30 min. on stepmill on Level 5 and then walk on the treadmill for 15 minutes. I walk between 3.1 and 3.6 MPH, and vary the incline.

    I am eating 6 meals.
    Meal 1 3 eggs, and 3 whites, 2pcs turkey bacon, veggies scrambled. 1 low carb tortilla,
    or 2 scoops Gaspari Myofusion, and handful raw almonds.
    Meal 2 I can tuna in olive oil, and Handful Almonds., or another shake
    Meal 3 6-8 oz grilled chicken breast, and veggies
    Meal 4 2 scoops Gaspari Myofusion, 1 svg Metamucil Fiber. Handful Raw almonds
    Train. 8-10 gm BCAA, 1 scoop Glutamine, 1 scoop Universal Storm, 1 Scoop Champion Nitro Peak Pre workout. 1 Packet of sugar free Kool Aid.
    I might also add 25 gm carbo gain as needed.
    Meal 5 6-8 oz turkey breast or 93% lean beef. 2 cups broccoli. 7 Kashi crackers
    Meal 6 6-8 oz 93% lean ground beef, and 2 cups broccoli.

    I am training with higher reps, and high intensity to pump the muscle and push the tissue. I do not want to risk injury at this point
    I am taking 1 vitamin pack daily
    2 caps 500 mg vit. c daily
    fish oil 3 caps daily
    Omega 3-6-9 2-3 caps daily
    Osteo bi flex 3 caps daily
    chasteberry 3 caps daily
    Ginseng 1-2 caps daily
    Animal Cuts or Oxy Pro Elite 1 svg daily pre cardio
    Epistane 3 caps daily
    H drol 3 caps daily
    PCT is lined up for post contest

    I will be using PRO TAN, and DREAM TAN 2 Over that for pre judging.

  23. I would up the cardio to an hour per day 5-6 days per week in the AM on an empty stomach...At this point I would measure ALL food and would not be allowing any cheats or carb ups either...Good Luck at your show man and keep us all posted.

  24. Cardio is 45 minutes, but I also pose after that. I will do abs after that. Are you saying you would wait to carb up at the end at this point?

  25. Yes stretch it our for as long as you can...If your at 8-9% right now, Your only gonna be able to lost about 2% at most in the next 3 weeks...7% on stage is real common so you want be in a bad spot...Just try to hit the cardio hard and watch everything you eat to try and put you in a better spot...Any pics ?


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