precontest clen

  1. precontest clen

    Hey guys, I have been reading about taking clen for precontest fat loss and I was thinking about running a cycle. I have been reading about it and have read that it takes about 6 wks although the first couple weeks you lose a lot. Dosage would be 20mcg first thing in the morning then 2 more times during the day to start, then increase until uncomfortabe and back slightly off. I also reat, since it is a beta-2 receptor agonist, it will downgrade the receptors over time so taking benadryl or ketotifen every 3rd or 4th week at night since they are phospholipase A2 inhibitors which helps to keep beta-2 receptors sensitive so you clen can be taken longer. The show i am doing is 6 weeks out. This is the first time i would take clen although i have been on ephedra for a while so i was thinking i need to run a week of benadryl to upregulate the receptors before clen. How does this info sound and would this be a good choice for me? thanks

  2. Let me know how it works out with the benadryl, I'm running clen in March for the first time hopefully it does work like that. Have you tried that with ephedrine?

    Make sure to get some kind of taurine supplement, it's been a while but I think taurine gets depleted and causes cramping.

  3. I have a log going of this cycle. I just got 3rd in my class at the show i did. pics will be coming up on there soon

    heres a link to the log:

    precontest clen log

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