pro tan with dream tan pre contest.

  1. pro tan with dream tan pre contest.

    Thanks for taking a look at this guys I have concerns about tanning I found this and I was hoping that it will work what do you guys think.
    The Tanning procedure

    *All tanning procedures vary depending on skin tone/type, everyone is different.
    ** I have never used any Jan tana products, so I cannot give any help on them. Sorry.
    *** Always assume the show is on Saturday unless I say otherwise.

    Products needed:
    2 bottles of pro-tan ďinstant competition colorĒ (its better to have extra then not enough)
    1 container of dream tan #2
    Extra sponge brushes
    Exfoliator (any brand works)
    Oil of some sort (most use PAM cooking oil, they make oil specifically for posing to)

    Sunday- Begin taking two showers a day if you donít already. Go to the store and get yourself some exfoliater. Use this during your first shower. After your second shower dry off and use some sort of moisturizer over night.

    Monday and Tuesday- Use the same technique as Sunday unless itís irritating your skin.

    Wednesday- now the fun begins. Start off the day by shaving everythingÖ.yes, everything. You can do this however you like, with a razor, waxing, Nair, ect..
    Once that is done take a shower, and exfoliate one last time. Make sure to bath really well, this is the last time you will be using soap in the shower.

    Once out of the shower dry off very well. You will need someone to help you with this, a girlfriend/boyfriend would be best. But itís up to you. Take a bottle of pro tan and pour some into a bowl of some sort, I use a cool whip bowl. You could use a paper bowl to, just donít use one that you like, it will stain. Just pour in a little. Use the brush, and start from the feet up, standing in a bath tub/ shower is the best place possible to do this. Do one streak with the brush that has the tan on it, and then once itís on, blend it with the side of the brush, or another sponge brush. Continue this process along the your whole body. DO NOT COLOR THE PALMS OF YOUR HANDS AND SOULS OF YOUR FEET! Also, only color the tops of your feet/hands with one or two coats. Stop after the neck, leaving the face un covered.

    All this should be done in the morning.

    At night, once your done with your day, go home, shower off the excess tan (remember, donít use any soap in your showers at this point) and repeat the process. Make sure the sheets on your bed arenít ones you like, youíre going to get them dirty.

    To wash your hair, have someone help you do it over a sink/bath tub. Any soap waches off too much tan. So keep it off your neck, chest, ect..

    Thursday- start the day off with a shower to get rid of the excess tan you had on overnight. Then start the process all over again. (get out of shower, apply tan, go through day, shower at night, and apply another coat of pro-tan). Donít put anymore on your hands/feet. Stop at face again.

    Friday- Start the day off with a shower. Put on another layer of tan. This time do a LIGHT layer on your face make sure not to get it in your eyes. Go through your day, shower, apply another coat on body and face.

    Saturday- buy this time you should be pretty damn dark. Wake up early , if you even went to sleep. Showering is a personal choice. But you wont be applying anymore tan until your backstage. Put another light layer on your face to even it out.

    *if you put on another coat of pro-tan in the morning, it will probably smear or run some time before pre-judging.

    Backstage- take your tub of dream tan. Have someone backstage help you put it on (some shows have people who will do it for you, some donít, if they donít , ask someone who looks like they know what their doing). One coat is all you need, it will blend in any smuges that the pro-tan left over night. You will have a lot of extra left over.

  2. Most I know get an Airbrushed Tan prior to the show. Goes on evenly at a bigger cost. Its alot to do doing it as above. Most are worried enough with diet that this could add to the stress. I would not mind doing this in my free time, but before a contest I worry about other things.

  3. thanks for the reply I live in a super small town are you saying like at a tanning salon.

  4. Usually at a large show, someone comes in with something like this:

  5. shoot I wish I had access to that. I will be leaving my home on wednesday so I might have my wife apply pro tan because I will be driving a total of about 9 hours for the show. It sucks living in a little town.

  6. Check with the show coordinator and see if they have a Tan sprayer coming in. Then Shave and exfoliate the night before (8 hours prior) and your in there.

  7. the past few contests i've done, they have had someone there airbrushing using pro-tan, then someone backstage applying touch ups, dream tan, and posing oil. soooo much easier, a little more costly, but a spray takes about ten minutes compared to 45 min. applying yourself..worth every penny, especially when you are carbed out and dehydrated. the post you put up is good, just, to me, not very practical. when i applied myself, i would exfoliate for a week before the show every time i showered, then apply a good moisturizer all over, paying special attention to the joints- elbows, knees, wrists and ankles..these areas tend to be dry, and if they are dry when applying your pro-tan they will get a real dark, nasty look which you don't want. if you don't regularly shave, start right away, use a fresh razor everytime. on the friday before my comp. i would shower and get a real good shave, no lotion this time, then apply my first coat in the am. leave the face hands and feet for the last coat. let that dry, mid-day another coat, then at night, usually the 3rd and final coat, this time hittting your face, hands and feet..apply this coat very lightly, and try and blend it in with the rest of your body. if i still felt i needed ione more coat, i would wake around 4am or so the day of show and put one more on. i usually followed this regimen because:
    -pro tan is nasty. you will feel disgusting and the less time with it on the better
    -and, by applying on friday i could get that one last shave in. if i started on weds., i would be a little stubbly by showtime on saturday..
    -if you have to travel to a show, as you do (9hours, ouch) you will be a whole lot more comfortable doing it without the pro tan on
    -last, overall, with the diet, carb depleting/loading, the cutting of water, it's just less stress doing it once you are at your hotel and settled in..

    either way you go, good luck! happy painting : )

  8. I will get ahold of the promoter, I will be in the city from wednesday till mid friday, so do you guys think the spray on tan places do a decent job? I could do one wed night two thursday and two friday, then top it off with dream tan? Or do they do they use a tanning solution that isen't so great.

    Thanks again for all the help

  9. Best tanning regimin I use is...get my last shower on thursday tan thursday night, pro tan friday morn , pro tan friday night, pro tan saturday morning....IF AND ONLY IF not dark enough use dream tan. Problem with dream tan is your not supposed to use oil with it will run and look sloppy.... maybe a light coat of pam will be ok on top of dream tan, but not oil.

  10. NO DREAMTAN EVER. NPC/IFBB judges hate it!


  11. I used dream tan over pro tan my last show, and it looked good, but next time I will probably just put enough pro tan on or jan tana with the spray gun you can buy. I will have my wife spray me in the back yard. then just oil up before stage time.

  12. BUMP for Jan Tana.



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