Doing Shows in Your 30's

  1. Doing Shows in Your 30's

    A little background about me -- I've been training for over 15 years and took a five year hiatus. I'm now back at 34 years old, and considering doing my first amateur show within the next two years.

    I wanted to post and find out from some others who may be competing if they have found that it's much harder to be in shape and win contests as they progress into their 30s... particularly, if any of you are in your late 30s... if any of you could elaborate on that, I'd appreciate it.

    Do you consider muscle maturity to be a good factor at this point in your life? Do you think your recuperation is worse or better now? If you are an AAS user, have you found that it's about the same even now compared to when you were in your mid-late 20's?

  2. I think the late 30s into your 40s is the best time for competing. I started at 32 and have gotten much better into my 40s. If you go to a show,you will find that the over 40 winner is usually the open winner too.

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