Nov 8th

  1. Nov 8th

    I am currently preparing for a show nov 8th. Only worries are i might not be heavy enough I have that fear of being small. Currently 5'11" 189lbs about 10%bf should i keep bulking for another 4-6 weeks or should I continue to condition. Weak areas Chest, front delts, calfs. any advice would be great

  2. Pics would help.

  3. Most shows have weight and/or age classes. We need pics though.

  4. same spot as you man. About the same timing too.
    Im 5'10" @ 178~lbs....maybe 9% BF now.
    I dont wanna end up in the feather weights but thats what its there for.
    Im still unsure what i wanna doing but im dieting down anyway to decide
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