Hey guys, I just found out I'm going to be doing a photo shoot this Friday. So I'm four days away and still have a little stubborn fat to lose in the lower abs and a little in the love handles. This is my first photoshoot and I have read so many different things on how to prepare and every single one is different. Yesterday (Monday) I had a moderate carb day at 150g. I've been following a carb cycling routine so today (Tuesday) is a scheduled no carb day so I'm going to follow that. I'm still drinking about 2-3 gallons of water a day and taking in about 350-400g of protein. I have cut fat to just fish oil, sesamin, and cla-- about 20-25g total. Tomorrow (wednesday) and Thursday are a scheduled moderate carb day at 150g each. I was wondering if I should just go no carb until Friday to get rid of that last bit of fat? Also, any help with as far as when to cut water and sodium, and how to go about carb loading and whether to use a diuretic would be greatly appreciated??? Like I said, I've read so many different things and where this is my first shoot I don't know exactly what to listen to. Thanks guys.