I Want To Compete In 15 Months Out

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Brolic View Post
    i met with a female BB and she gave me great advice..

    1-no more junk food
    2-clean bulk for 52 weeks and one cheat day
    3- 3xBW for carbs
    what works for women don't have to work for men. bulk wise it would be okay, cut wise rule 3 may or may not be.

    It takes dedication to get down to contest weight. conditioning is very important and if your big, if your not conditioned and portioned properly you'll get owned.

    Have you ever done a cut to begin with? Dont expect to keep all your muscle dude. 2 cycles and a proper cut diet doesn't seem like enough time for you. And PS if your doing natural shows im sure they test. If not their not really "natural" as 2 cycles will disqualify you from being natural. A polygraph is administered and I believe a piss test as well. Why would you compete on roids anyhow in natural competitions? Its like cheating in the special olympics dude... seriously. Wait a few more years. You learn first before you hit a show. You dont humiliate yourself to learn. If you want to learn, Hire a personal trainer who has experience with competition to work with your poses, diet and proportion.

  2. they do test.
    Anything OTC is ok, even if you run PH but once you touch a SERM, Clen, ephedrine, etc etc your done.

    I was going to go natty but i have used something that would not allow it an i dont feel like dieting and lifitng my as$ off to be DQ, but allowed to be one stage, casue i thought i could be some test. DUMB.
    Dont, it disrespectful to the sport and competitors.
    No one jumps on stage from casual lifting....it takes time. Take the time. If you want it bad enough, youll want it in a year.

  3. 15months is a year.. i didnt say natty

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Brolic View Post
    15months is a year.. i didnt say natty
    15months will go by like nothing. Its a good amount of time to put on muscle but nopthing insane.

    If you have done a cycle in the past of any steroid or a PCT with a SERM, youre not natty, thats what i was trying to say.
    Dint say you werent

  5. from what i have read, even if u used oxo, u will DQed from natty coms

  6. i thinking 2cycles =15pds

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Brolic View Post
    i thinking 2cycles =15pds
    haha now take that 15 lbs.... not to mention it may be water/glycogen stores....and even it out through the body...now take that 15 and run it through PCT, not to account for missed training days, poor diet days, etc etc....
    Also, NO... ANYTHING OTC IS OK. I emailed one of the top guys that RUN NPC events, outside that i dont know. Id only do NPC though.

  8. i agree with you mental... i want to run havoc then test-c

  9. DO NOT cut carbs completely from diet.


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