Ketogenic Diet and Carb Load - 10 days out.

  1. Ketogenic Diet and Carb Load - 10 days out.

    I'm a natty and 10 days out from my comp.

    I was wondering about carb loading and the fact that I don't consume any right now - had to lose some fat fast. Should I continue with my no carb diet up until say the day before and then start on the last day of a carb deplete

    "Mesomorphs: 30 g carbs at breakfast, then 0 g carbohydrates until 8 p.m. After 8 p.m., ingest 30 g of carbohydrates every 2 hours until bed."

    Or should I begin the carb deplete as if I had been ingesting carbs all along. I was also considering doing a normal carb day on this Friday and Sat and then begining my deplete on sunday as normal.

    Any thoughts??

    Oh I am doing the sodium load right now, seems to be going fine - noticeable water retention.

    Thanks Guys.

  2. Maybe I could do a carb load tonight for a test to see how my body reacts, then moderate the carbs til Sunday and begin with a deplete?

  3. it might depend how long you've been keto.....wouldnt want a nasty overflow/rebound from a carb load.

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