10 weeks out, what stack should I use?

  1. 10 weeks out, what stack should I use?

    I am 10 weeks out from a show and would like to continue leaning up while maintaining all the muscle I can. I have on hand:

    • 2 bottles of HMAX by Hammer Sports
    • 1 box of the 1st batch of HD50
    • 1 bottle of superdrol
    • 2 bottles of PP by AX
    • 2 bottles of Orastan-e

    I also have all the post cycle therapy and protective (liver, BP, lipids) supplements on hand.

    Can anyone suggest an effective route to take?


  2. Start the HMax and Orastan-e at 5 weeks out and run it through the comp.

  3. clen?

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