3 weeks to go!!!!!!

  1. 3 weeks to go!!!!!!

    My contest is on July 7, 3 weeks away, I just wanted to show some a progress picture. Let me Know what you think. the one in the middle was on february 14 of this year

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  2. Lookin' good bro! It's almost game time!:bb3:

  3. Hey thanks bro, I cant wait i'm so pumped just thinking about it. Ive also decided to do another one two weeks after the first.

  4. Looking great man. Keep at it.

  5. how did you place at the contest

  6. Quote Originally Posted by conan1071 View Post
    how did you place at the contest
    I got 7th out of 8, a little disappointed, but I did accomplish my goal of getting up there. I have pics posted in the pics thread under My first show pics"


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