Few pics from the last show....

  1. Few pics from the last show....

    I thought I had 3rd place locked up....it was a really tight class. I have to wait and see where I placed after they post them on the net.

    This show was in Traverse City, MI. It was based on height and not weight. I came in at 195 pounds.

    These are the best pics I got now. I should be getting more from a photographer and also there was a high school student there taking some really nice shot and I asked him to e-mail me some and he said no problem.

    Anyways...here they are.
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  2. Lookin' good man. thanks for sharing those pics. Looks like your wheels are really coming out.

  3. Looks good man. Hope you had a good time. I cant wait to get onstage this season!!! Back looks awesome. Great separation.

  4. Man you look really good, that must have been a tough class. How tall are you?

  5. Thanks fellas. I had a lot of fun! I am 6'2"....yes, kinda tall. I was the tallest and youngest one there!

  6. dude your back and quads look awesome, a little more cut in your hammies and a touch thicker lower chest and you have the compete package. Im a bum so take my opinino for what its worth. lol.

  7. You look good man, came in fairly dialed. I think you might need to work on some back width or maybe just the posing. But you look good, how'd you place?


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