Getting rid of ater show to show?!!

  1. Getting rid of ater show to show?!!

    Hey whats up guys as most of you know i just did a show on the 10th and have another one the 24th! so i am a weekout right now!
    The question i have is i am hold a lot of extra water from my cheat night at my previous show. going into my final week i dont feel i am going to lose enough of it to make it to the stage!! Any suggestions on what i can do to get rid of the rest of the water before i have to start water drop next week?

    I am doing about 50-70 min of cardio a day 50g of carbs right started to deplete early. the only carbs i am doing are sweet potatos about 10oz a day that pealed and mashed equals like 48.3 or something carbs. drinking about 2-2 1/2 gallons of water also. sodium is normal right now.

    Please help me get rid of this extra water before i have to drop it next week.

  2. Oh man, I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. I've got some serious water retention going on from my cheat day last Sunday after my show. It's crazy how fast you can lose your definition from just one day off your diet. Good luck getting rid of the water brother, I'm sure you'll get it done before showtime.

  3. I HOPE SO man!! i am really concerned about it now!

  4. Let me know if you figure this out!! My last show I seemed to hold that bloat for way tooo long!

  5. 2 weeks out, I like to eat a crap load of sodium and water for 5 days straight. Coming in the final week, I'll lower my sodium and water intake to about 1/2 the RDI.

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  6. your already taking in a ton of water. 3-4days before the show cut that back to 1/2 gallon/day then the day of obviously next to nothing. A mild diuretic could also help like dandelion root. Or just go out and drink a boatload of alcohol, you'll wake up ripped as alcohol is one of the strongest natural diuretics I'd go with the first suggestion but the second is hella fun. lol

  7. How's everything coming along B?

  8. Well some bad news i got sick sunday night and was not able to keep anything down and my body is just way to washed out to be able to give it a good go this weekend so i am foregoing this show and heading into the offseason!
    I will be returning to the stage in the fall mid november time!

  9. Sorry to hear about that, but now you get to start building up to be even bigger and better next time you get on stage!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by rpen22 View Post
    Sorry to hear about that, but now you get to start building up to be even bigger and better next time you get on stage!
    yep, do what you gotta do. I was going to type earlier that I held a ton of water for over a week after my show, but I didnt want to discourage you. I will now ease back into food more than what I did last year. LAst year after my comp meal...I felt so horrible I didnt know whether to turn my head and puke on the floor or **** the bed. I couldnt even move.

  11. Yeah, it sucks. I didn't eat so much I felt sick, but my body just completely soaked up everything I put in it that day after. I only ate whatever for the meal after the show and then the next day on Sunday, but I'm holding soo much water still that I don't even look like the same person. Hopefully I'll keep dropping some of this water, but it's holding pretty strong still and this is after my first show, so I have no idea how long my body will do this for. Live and learn, I guess.

  12. Ya guys i know what you mean!

    Next show the meal after is not going to be a huge cheat meal, i mean i dont even like to eat that kind of food i think its just one of those things we do izza: haha when you havent had it for soooo many weeks you think its good but its still the same old crappy food haha!

  13. Ya bro I walked over to the Hark ROck and had a huge bacon cheesbuger and fries, then on teh way home anotehr burger form Wendys and an ice cream. got home and had a pizza. Think I was hungry.


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