Contest Prep Technique

  1. Contest Prep Technique

    This is actaully for a photoshoot, but it's pretty much the same thing as a competition...just less self tanner

    please critique this technique and tell me what could be done better...

    5 days out...

    day 1 - low carb/low sugar workout/cardio 20 minutes

    day 2 - low carb/low sugar workout/no cardio

    day 3 - very low carb/very low sugar workout/ 20 minute cardio

    day 4 - complex carb load (simple carb only after workout)

    day 5 - - - - PRESENTATION - - - Cardio 20-30 minutes (morning), simple and complex carbs and water intake...

    how does this look? Should there be Another day of carb loading?

    what to eat the day of PRESENTATION to keep definition and muslce fullness at peak...

    Thanks for any help...

  2. As long as your carb load day has a sufficient level of carbs, 1-day should be fine.

    What time is your presentation on the day of the show?

  3. I think it looks like a good overall plan. Any water loading/depleting?

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