Light-heavy or Middleweight?

  1. Light-heavy or Middleweight?

    I'm 25 and I've decided to do my first show, the NPC Southern States, July 13th. I'm 5'10, 205 with around 8% bodyfat. I was wondering if trying to diet down to the middleweight requirement of 176.25 would take away too much muscle mass, or If I was to stick with light-heavyweight would I be laughed off-stage? Thanks for any input!

  2. Everyone holds their weight differently. You could be the lightest in your class and still look like the biggest guy on stage. My training partner was the lightest competitor in the heavyweight class last year and he took first in the open heavyweights. I say just try to come in with your best conditioning possible and see where that falls on the scale. JMO.

  3. Thanks rpen

  4. I am 5'9 and came in the middleweight class ripped. 1st place New England which was had over 100 competitors. So I say just come in as fit as you can. You want to be hard and ripped. You can't take away from that. You may be the tallest in the middleweight but you will be ripped. On the other hand if you are light heavy you may be small but at the same time you will still be ripped. Either way keep us posted.

    You should post some pics for us. That will help us help you

  5. Quote Originally Posted by rpen22 View Post
    Everyone holds their weight differently. You could be the lightest in your class and still look like the biggest guy on stage.

    doesn't matter how big you are if you arent ripped.

  6. Thanks guys for your input, some pics are coming!

  7. At your height you need to be a heavyweight. The Southern States is a tough show to make your rookie splash in. Good luck.

  8. Conditioning is everything. I would not worry about the scale. I am the same height as you and I the first show I won was when I quit watching the scales and let the mirror be my guide. Hope this helps.

  9. I fully agree with strongpig. Let the mirrors guide you with your dieting. If you start using the scale you will feel you are either loosing to much or not loosing enough weight. THe mirror will let you know how you look. THrow the scale out, especially because the week of the show you will fluctuate so much it will not matter.


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