my first contest

  1. my first contest

    So here I am roughly 205+ at 12% bf and I'm 10 weeks away from the show I've gotten leaner since my last bf test but I'm going off the last. It seems I'm maintaining all of my muscle and only losing fat.

    My prep cycle

    100mcg/day Clen
    800mgs eq wk
    100mgs eod win starting 8 weeks tillor mid january
    4iu's gh then I'll drop it 10 days prior as it was recommended to my (Thanks storm)
    100mcgs t-4 w/ post w/o slin inj at 10iu's of slin and meal
    t-3 asap 25-50mcgs a day
    1000mgs wk test prop stoping wednesday prior
    100/100mgs tren masterone eod till the wed prior starting at 8 weeks prior
    Halo 3 weeks till the 1st week 5mgs/day, 2nd 10mgs/day, 3rd 20-30mgs/day

    I'm debating DNP right now at 200mcgs/day for the last 4 weeks b/c of its anti-catabolic and amazin fatloss properties.

    My workout has been 5-6 days a week with a day off when I need it.

    1- Chest 5-7 exercises, 4 sets, reps 8-20
    2- Back 5-7 exercises, 4 sets, reps 8-20
    3- legs 7-8 exercises, 4 sets, reps 8-45
    4- shoulders 5 exercises, 4 sets, reps 8-20
    5- Arms Bis/tris 5-8 exercises, 4 sets, reps 8-20


    Up until the 8 week mark

    7-8am 10 egg whites 1 cup oatmeal

    2 iu gh inj 15 min later slin 6 iu's

    9-10 2 scoops 0 carb, 50 gram protein, 30 carbs, 0 fat 30 grams oatmeal

    11-1 8 oz steak/ham/chicken/turkey 1/2 sweet potatoe

    1-3 8 oz steak/ham/chicken/turkey 1/2 sweet potatoe

    Preworkout 1iu's gh

    4-6 workout

    pwo 1iu gh 10 iu's slin/ shake same as above

    1 hour later 5 exercises, 4 sets, reps 8-20

    Then I usually snack on something like rice cakes, peanut butter, jelly, edamame, something good but contains no bad fat.


    3 days a week 3-4mph/ treadmill slow jog or incline walk 30min
    every 1-2 weeks I'm going to increase it about 10min

    Any suggestions? Also, my main problem is waking up at night starving and wanting to eat more, what can/should I eat? Also, during the day I am STARVING!!!!!???? any supps anyone recommend?


  2. add more protein and carbs, you are not even close to being at what you should be

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Ripped1
    add more protein and carbs, you are not even close to being at what you should be
    Like another meal or two, Three? Where should I be at? Also, thanks for the post

  4. I would say you need to add at least two more meals. But where you are 10 weeks out I do not want to throw you off either. but you definitly need more calories while using all you are for gear

  5. Thanks for your input, I'm at a deficit of 500-800 a week. I'm running clen right now and t-4 with slin inj. I think you're right because I am losing weight too fast I lost roughly 3-4 pounds this week which is too much but 1-2lbs. I'll add a few meals. Getting below 10% has never been a problem maintaining is and going below 5% is.... but, thats why I decided on dnp on the last minute.

  6. you are going to sacrafice some muscle if you keep it up at this point. No need to be on T-3 or clen this far out. You should not mess with that until 4-5 weeks out. Especially for your thyroid, that many weeks can really mess you up. Are you getting help from anyone in your gym. You really do not need to mess around with T-3 unless you have used it before.

  7. I'm getting guidance from a retired national mid weight competitor, he's an old friend nutritionist/trainer the guy has an extensive background in competing and help other competitors. I'm also working with a few friends who have designed drug profiles for some of the pro's, not going to drop names but to answer your question yes. The reason I'm using clen now is for the muscle sparing and fatloss. I am only 10 weeks out and I'm cycling it 2 weeks on 2 off till the show, the t-3 I haven't started yet because of how much muscle I lose on It but I have been using t-4 and it doesn't eat as much muscle as the t-3. I take the t-4 usually when I'm eating a high calorie meal pwo with a shake, slin, and gh. The slin causes the t-4 to convertto t-3 at a more naturally excellerated rate and because of the slin's anti-catabolic properties I have almost lost no muscle.

    I would like to hear more to why you think I shouldn't get started this far out on clen/t-4, any sources of info?

    Btw thanks for posting again.

  8. my wife had her thyroid removed, this is where my knowledge of T3 and T4 come from. You can research all the stuff by simply researching the effects on AM. I am an NPC competitor and by no means a pro when it comes to this stuff, however I know you do not want to mess with it long term.

  9. Wow I'm sorry to hear about that but I can say you have inspired to be more aware of the chemicals in my body. I'm researching now.

  10. there you go, allot of good info on AM

  11. wow dude, thats alot of stuff your using.

  12. For how much stuff your using you really need to look into your diet more. I can get to 5% without even doing cardio because my diets spot on

  13. For your mid-night food cravings, try a spoonful of natural peanut butter.



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