I'm 23 yrs old and would like to win the "best body on the island" competition. I have one year to train for this. I have been working out consistently for 14 weeks now: 5'7 155lbs 29 waist. Over the last 14 weeks i have gone from 142.lbs to 155 with no increase in waist. I eat about 2600calories a day with 150ishg protein.

Can someone help me developing a good working program, and give me eating advice? I keep reading too many different theories. One says "heavy weight, low reps." the other is "high volume". I am wondering how much i need to lift to get max benefit from all these calories i am to eat. I have a basic gym at my disposal. Below are some pictures (current) for you to see my build/ current progress. I am not looking to get Arnold size (not that i could if i wanted to), but i am looking to get up to 165-170lbs. Do you think a year is enough time to achieve this goal?

I assume my metabolism is slow, but since i did lose 30lbs maybe my metabolism has increased?

Thanks for the help