Countdown to 1st Competition - Advice?

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  1. Countdown to 1st Competition - Advice?

    Hey guys - 20 weeks out from 1st competition.
    54 years 5'11" 211# @ approx 11% - picture attached.

    Still on 3-way split routine, about to start Interval Cardio.

    As I'm in Grand Masters, making a specific weight is not a concern, although if I end up looking decent at over 198.5, Novice Heavyweight crossover is a possibility (a lot of the novice heavies around here are either ungodly tall or a little too smooth).

    I hear a lot of buzz about carb cycling & carb timing, but eveyone has a different methodology. Can you guys weigh in (bad pun) with some opinions? Ripped1, are you out there? How about some of you other experienced competitors....?

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  2. No advice from me, but damn...I hope to look that swole at 54! good job bro!
    E-Pharm Nutrition Representative

  3. What? 54? Impressive look! I would go with whatever looks right. I did not do carb cycling, but I will post my pre-contest diet for you.

    1st meal: 8 egg whites with 2 whole eggs
    2nd meal: Shake 1 1/2 scoop
    3rd meal: 6 oz chicken breasts w. brocolli
    4th. meal: Shake 1 1/2 scoop
    5th. meal: (PWO) 80 g. gatorade w. 1 1/2 scoop whey
    6th meal(1 h 1/2 after workout) 6 oz. lean meat w. brocolli w. 2/3 cup oatmeal
    7th meal. 1 cup cottage skimmed

    LOTS of water. Hope this helps.

  4. First of all you look fantastic man, When I hit your age I can only hope to keep this body.

    As far as being 20 weeks out dont really focus to hard right now, stick with what you araew doing it seems to be working for you, Dont over do the cardio this early you dont want to stress yourself out. Wait till around like 14-16 weeks and then really focus. Allot depends on your cardio vascular conditioning. At 54 it is only natural that it becomes harder to loose weght. I think maybe change your routine at 16 weeks, and put in some cardio to see what happens. By 8 weeks out you should be feeling pretty good.

    Go get em

  5. Thanks, Ripped. That was about where my head was --- to gently lower bodyfat until about 14 weeks out, then shift into something more concentrated - especially over the last 10 weeks. I'm hearing a lot about 2 reduced carb days followed by a normal to high carb day to reset leptin levels. Have you run into that approach before?

  6. I have been reading allot about this latelly. Kind of like shocking the metabolism. However do not know anyone with experiance with it. I would stick to basic diet and not throw you r body off with something new.

  7. Ripped,
    It seems like you and I have talked to some of the same people along the way. The comment about not doing something new is another I've heard before. I guess most of this stems from the fact that I've never been anywhere near contest bf levels before - ever - and this feels like such a crapshoot. But your results were spectacular, and if you got there by basically doing "more of the same" plus careful attention to diet and supplementation, then I should be able to do the same. Thanks for the sane influence.... - J.

  8. no problem bro contact me as you get closer to the show for advice if you would like

  9. PSBigJoey, if you do decide to go the Carb Cycling route, here's a link to the original diet plan. Oh and good luck.

    Avant Labs-Bodybuilding and Human Performance Supplements

  10. Well i guess i will be the first to say it...

    With a good contest prep you will be far under 198.5

  11. Very good size-I just did a masters show this weekend and one of the individuals that beat me was 54 and he deserved to place higher than me. Masters shows are very competitive but you should do well. I personally dont get into the whole carb cycling since I try to keep everything basic straight through. I tried to keep carbs set at apporoximately 200 g per day with 75 grams of it being centered around post workout. I use a product called vitagro which I have found very helpful for post workout when combined with Designer Supplements Glucophase serving as a glucose disposal agent. On my days I am not training I might through in another carb meal so I dont dip much below 150. I am sure some use higher amounts I just go with what works for me. Protein I keep set at 200-250 per day. I used some flax seed oil for fats.
    Have you developements your supplement plan yet? I had great success recently with a stack of Designer Supplements Melting Point and Lean Extreme. I also used Avant labs Absolve. I have some before and afters at the Designer Supplement subforum in a thread Contest Countdown

    Yes at 211 you will end up under the 198 limit once you dieted down and shed water but you have plenty of time to come in lean, muscullar and hard-good luck and will offer any insight I can as your dieting progresses

  12. Thanks, Chuck. Finalizing diet & supps as we speak. Thanks for your input. I'll check the before & afters... - Joey

  13. Carb cycling is the best. You can low carb it every saturday and sunday adding in such things as 6oz of sweet potato, two meals with 1/2 cup of brown rice, 1/2 scoop of glycoload along with 1/2 cup of oats in the morning. That's a good example of everything you would do to moderately fill out on a saturday and sunday. If you can handle it, eat fish such as cod/tilapia. This will help to thin the skin and give you a wicked look.

  14. Indeed. Try not to carb cycle Skyy Vodka and Orange Juice. I believe It made me smaller back in the day. HAHA. Funny joke... Anyways. Looking GOOD!

  15. How is the plan coming? Just thought I could offer some feedback

  16. Thanks, Chuck - we're slowly phasing in a plan now - let me get a few weeks in and I'll see if it performs... - J

  17. Now 16 weeks out. Updated pic attached at 207#.
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  18. 8 Weeks out

    Here's a recent shot - 8 weeks out @ 203

    At this point I'm starting to get the "is it going fast enough?" thing in my head - but the people around me are saying I should stay the course, that everything is dialling in OK.

    The way the process plays with your head is probably the most interesting.... right now I'm hanging in there and staying with the plan - but the temptation to push the fat off very rapidly is intense, though I'm sure it would lead to muscle loss and peaking way too early.
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  19. coming along nicely PSBigJoey

  20. Thanks, Leggo...

  21. Damn straight you are man Constant healthy looking gains. The way it should be done!

  22. Looking solid man, good luck with your comp. Once you do one you're gunna be hooked on it.

  23. Thanks, Ripped - man, this first time is a strange ride!

  24. Great consistent gains, Joey. Best of luck with the remainding weeks. Keep us updated.

  25. Your looking great best of luck to you - what is your BF% now? I am 49 and got stuck at 8%, and needed to go to fish, and cut out the protein shakes - they have some salt and other things in them them make you hold water. Talipia fish, about 8-9 oz, 6 times a day. Then, cut carbs to about 4 oz of sweet potato with every meal. Then cut carbs out of the last two meals. It really depends on how ripped you want to get - I was trying to get into the 5% range - got under 7% but it is tough - feels crappy to go to bed hungry. Best of luck to you.


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