1. Music!?

    I have been posing a lot lately as I am only 8 days out. It is a 60 second routine using the first 60 seconds of Korn's "Coming Undone".

    When I bring the music to the show do I have to have the cd with only the 60 second clip of the song, or do they just play the first 60 seconds and shut it off?

    I have downloaded a couple different programs to cut mp3s down and fade out the last few seconds....but they are trial versions and wont let me save!!!!




    Free version allows you to save and do whatever you need.

  3. Next time, send me the file and I'll edit for you free..

    I've done afew mixes for friends, and I do my own music for comps.. I just do simple 40-55 second clips, nothing fancy..

  4. Uh BPF does that apply to me as well, as I went old school and used a tape, for my last show... Thats a nice side hustle man...

  5. got it done! Thanks guys!!

  6. nice tune bro, I went with Pshyco by disturbed

  7. Disturbed rocks. I thought about a number of there songs...Stricken, bound, guarded...

  8. Funny, I have a disc with Stricken and God of the Mind cut for posing routines..

  9. Quote Originally Posted by bigpetefox
    Funny, I have a disc with Stricken and God of the Mind cut for posing routines..

    Great minds think alike. I have already been practicing a bunch with my cut track or I would ask to bum that one off ya!!!:donut:

  10. I got afew clips lying around, need one I'll transfer over instant messenger, since most email services don't allow big files to be sent..

    I had a disc of the cuts I've done, the ones I have on disc now are:

    A Perfect Circle- Counting bodies like Sheep
    Tool- Vicarious
    Disturbed- Stricken, God of the Mind, Shout 2000
    Evanescence- Thoughtless, Haunted, Lies, Even in Death
    Killswitch Engage- A Bid Farewell

  11. look like areall thinking alike with great music

  12. Hey BigPete, you going to get on stage at the end of the year? Dint know ifyou were planning on the N.H., Mass show

  13. NH show might work, if not next year in the granite cup..

  14. Sweet deal, Granite cup should be promoted enough by next year to be a great show. I was with the promoter the other day and he said the only thing that killed i was the rain. Plenty of competitors though. Hey if you get a chanced shoot me an email at [email protected] got a question to throw at you, by the way my little sis from steroidology nicole said you knew each other. ring a bell.

  15. Ripped, ygm..

  16. Well I burned that cd with the first 60 seconds of korn- "coming undone" wont play in anything but my computer!!!!!

    Anyone that can cut the song to the first 60 seconds and send it to my e-mai: [email protected]

    It would be much appreciated!

  17. If you got an IM service, transfer it to me I'll cut it for you..

  18. AIM: rynodactal

  19. bigpete, if ya got that song cut you can send it to [email protected]

    thanks man!

  20. I gotta load another program to edit, for some reason the programs I have won't do the edit anymore..

  21. I got it done and it actually works. I got it cut and tried to burn it on my comp....****ing CD exploded in my dvd- cr/rw drive!!! WTF, now it stays open all the time!!!

    I had to drive over to a friends house to have them do it!!!!!

    but at least its done.

    Thanks though BPF!

  22. I tried..


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