Help For May contest

  1. Help For May contest

    Hey bro's its been a few months scents i have have had the chance to post. I am doing a comtest in May. I have started my diet but it is realy not dialed in. Im curently at 178 pounds and bf% is around 12 to 13 %. I now that that is high. I have around 8 to 9 weeks to diet and get it wright. Im 5'7 my last contest i came in at 158 pounds ji was pretty lean and i took first in the light weight class. That was my first contest so that was pretty cool. My protein is about 175 to 200 mg a day and my fat and carbs are a little high around 150 to 200 carbs and 50 to 75 fat. I would realy like to get some input on my diet that would be great. If i an i will post some pics of last contest. bdiggler

  2. Which contest? Leheigh Valley?

    Anyway, I would cut the carbs down to 100-120, up the protein, and drop the fat down to 25 or less. That's just me though. I've found massive success with extremely high protein diet for contest prep. Was 217 at Thanksgiving, and currently I'm 170. Almost 50 pounds in 4 months ain't too shabby. Even packed a little extra muscle in the process.

    With such little time you have no room for error. You're going to have to diet hard to dial it in. I suggest immediately start taking Melting Point along with some Sesamin. Drop the MP 3 weeks out. You will gain a little weight from MP in the beginning; but it's all waterweight.

    Do that, along with a very high protein skewed diet (I would say 65/20/15) and a caloric deficit. It will be tough but if you stick to your guns it's possible.

  3. Null has got it right at about 8 weeks from a comp i'd severly drop the carbs like 50 to 100gs a day, i KNow that sucks but you really dont have a choice if you're sitting at 13%. Add in 30 mins. of moderate cardio 4-5days a week if you havent done so already. 200gs of protein is not enough. Remember now that you have dropped your carbs you have to make up for those kcals. get it to 300+ if you can from whole foods/shakes. You can have a high carb day on the weekends just to prevent muscle loss and restore some glycogen so you can train during the week, but focus on complex carbs(oats, sweet pots, whole wheats). As far as fat other than the very little fat that comes from your LEAN protein sources, most of your fats should be in the form of MCTs or EFAs. Hope that helps...

  4. hey, ur competiting in the lehigh valley competition on may 20?

  5. no way, do not drop your carbs that low that far out, you will sacrafice muscle. Keep them at 200 and just add a half hr of cardio. Your body needs to have some calories to burn, If you drop your carbs that low you will come in a bag of bones. Around 3-4 weeks out then you can see. I was at 10 percent at 4 weeks out and still came in to the New Englands shredded. keep your calories up

  6. I would have to lean to the side of being a little more drastic given only the short time frame you have and a higher than desired bodyfat. Since you are around 200 I would drop the carbs to around 100 -125 with the MAJORTITY of them coming POST WORKOUT. I have found using a product called Vitagro has been excellent for keeping me fuller during pre-contest dieting. Protein should be increased to about 1.5 g per lb of bodyweight. The addition of Melting Point will help significantly. I have had great success using this in my upcoming pre-contest prep. Take a look at the Xtreme Cutting Stack here. But I would modify it since you should be off the MP 3 weeks prior

    Also I have found that several serving of BCAA's throughtout the day (I use Extend) has helped in preventing muscle lose during such an extreme calorie deficit. You can do it that is for sure but you are indeed a little behind schedule and need to be a little more drastic than if you were at 12-15 weeks out


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