water intake?

  1. water intake?

    sup fellas, i'm new here... 22, 6ft 237lbs. i'm currently 22 weeks out. what should my water intake be? i am still clean bulking til week 12 then my serious cutting begins until the show.


  2. well Judy look who it is, good to see you here Mass.

  3. if you're still bulking 1.5 gallons a day would be plenty

  4. ^ Yeah, what he said.

  5. wow that is alot of water.

    Not saying you are wrong just thinking I better pick up my water intake.

    BTW Mass welcome to the board.

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  6. play it by feel
    1 gallon minimum
    depending on your protein intake, I'd up it if you are over 300-350g/day I'd think about being in the 1.5 gallon vicinity
    but at this point, I'd get at least 1 gal pure water and make sure you get another 1/2 gal of other liquids (not alcohol as you know)
    I'd keep it at this level all the way through the final week, where I'd up it for a few days to get the flush going hard

  7. you need at leats 1 1/2 gallons that far out. Also what are you taking. That is a big factor


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