looking for sugg. 18 weeks out

  1. looking for sugg. 18 weeks out

    Im gonna start 1t 16 weeks out and I am looking for sugg, on what I should use for contest prep. All the way to the show. I figure gonna still bulk till 8 weeks then work on getting more ripped. What do you people Sugg.

  2. Without knowing your body at all, I would say play it safe and give yourself 12 weeks to get ready!

  3. Looking at you IMO, I would say around 2700 cal, 50 pro, 40 carb 10 fat or so- I am on 2400 now and feel good. Start now. Food choices yam, oats, seedy berrys, vegtibles, chicken, fish(I like salmon for the fat) egg whites from real eggs. Try to eat food you look like a big guy.Prpotein shakes although convient do not fill you up or keep you satiated. Also oats keep you full longer. Go with this or play with the numbers to get them dialed in, and it will work.

  4. 8 weeks is no where near enough time for you to cut to show condition

  5. I will be ready at 8 weeks out no worries about cutting. I am 12 1/2 weeks out and getting ripped all ready.

  6. I always like to eat up to a show..for example be at contest weight and body % 3 to 4 weeks before the show that way you can make slight adjustments in diet and training the final few weeks..If you Wait too long and diet too much you will come in flat and feel like crap not to mention lose alot of hard earned muscle..I dont know how many times I looked harder and more full 3 to 4 days after the contest..

  7. I have had the same thing happen, what even sucks worse is getting on stage flat in the prejudging, then being full and thick at the night show. I had that happen and it was the diff. between first and second. My little calves were even smaller lol

  8. What is your body fat %? I think you have a lot of time left but you look about 10-11% and should consider starting some morning cardio. Might want to dial in the diet by eating clean (6 meals a day), lots of water - and start dropping. Last year I cut from 12% to 8% in 10 weeks and lost some muscle in the process - so if you are new to this, starting at least 12 weeks out is good - earlier will let you do it slower and keep more muscle. How are you on Supps? Get some BCAA to go with your cardio so you can burn some fat and keep the muscle. Are you planning another cycle? I have a show on July 22nd, but I am up to 13.5% BF so I have more work to do than you. Best of luck to you.


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