First contest April 6,2013 advice for a newb

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  1. There is always another competition. Your health is more important. I know it sucks after all that training and hard work but I'm sure you've learned a lot and can apply it to your next contest. Hope your results come back good.

  2. Thank you for the support and wise words. I'm just talking time to enjoy food ,( as much as I can with these problems ) and once I've been cleared to start training again I'm going into my off season bulk and coming back next year.

  3. Man that's really unfortunate but you live and you learn so I'm sure you will come back next year and tackle things a bit differently.

  4. This thread is awesome! I want to do a show just to say I did! A year ago I was 264 at 46% bf decided I was tired of watching life go by and made some plans! Ran a half marathon last month in Chattanooga in 2:12 and weigh 186 at 19% bf prolly need to weight 165 to compete

  5. The experience you gain from prepping for a showed is life changing man. Hardest thing I've ever done , just wish I could be on stage Saturday. Keep up the hard work and push forward and that goal of competing and being on stage is yours brother!


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