Comments and opinions please

  1. Comments and opinions please

    Has anyone seen or done Kris Gethins hardcore trainer?? I did it last year and lost 35 pounds. I'm thinkin bout doin it again after the holidays. The only thing is last time I did it i lost a lot of muscle mass as well as fat. I'm a very experienced lifter and am not fat now by any means, roughly around 217 at 10% body fat. I was just wondering what everyone's take was on the program and if you had any advice on maintaining my mass while on the program

  2. pic at 217 and 10% or youre full of ****

  3. Quote Originally Posted by ThunderHumper View Post
    pic at 217 and 10% or youre full of ****
    hes 6 foot.. thats not super impressive.. its impressive.. but not something someone cant get with a bit of work.
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  4. kris kris get thin LOL. Is that his real name?
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