3 weeks out, a few questions.

  1. 3 weeks out, a few questions.

    At 3 weeks out I feel I'm on schedule.

    Might drop a few things just to be safe.

    1) organic vanilla extract (I add a few drops to my morning oatmeal with 1 packet of splenda and a little organic cinnamon)
    2) ** - I add a little bit to my steak when I reheat, will be hard to eat steak without this but it should probably be done.
    3) Frank RedHot (I use this twice a day with my chicken/rice meals) the sodium is all I'm concerned with, should I eliminate now or can I wait a week?
    4) Diet Soda (I usually have 1-2 during the week and 1-2 on the weekends)
    5) Sugar Free energy drinks (I usualy have 1-2 a week)
    6) Crystal light?
    7) Creatine 5g daily + the small amount in my preworkout.

    Let me know your suggestions please.

  2. The only thing I see that would drop is the diet sodas and diet energy drinks because they do have a tendency to help retain water in some people so it's not really worth the risk.

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