Contest prep sponsored by Lecheek Nutrition

  1. Contest prep sponsored by Lecheek Nutrition

    I started this on saturday but Ill just start from the begining

    I want to start by saying thanks to Marms and Lecheek Nutrition for putting this together for me!!! I loved TestodrolX9 and AD3-PCT so im extra excited to see what I can do with the rest of their products. So 9 weeks and 1 day from today 10/6/12 Ill be competeing in my first competition (mens phsyique division). So Im gonna really bust my butt the next 9 to get in the best shape I can and with the help of Lecheek nutrition its going to be an awesome experience. I will post pics and videos of my body transformation and some of my workouts plus diet plan goals etc...


    Current Stats
    10.5% BF


    I would also like to see some strength increases too along the way and am hoping to be a little heavier then 185
    I think with the proper diet and supplementation this is pretty achievable, and I love lifting heavy in my opinion its about
    how much you can lift not how much you look like you can lift.

    Supplements (thanks again Marms)

    OxyECA Black weeks 1-contest 1 cap pre workout, might up to 2 daily after a few weeks depending on how I feel/look
    MassHGH weeks 1-contest 3 caps with my casein before bed
    HyperT2 weeks 5-contest 1 cap pre workout 1 cap with evening
    TestdrolX9 weeks 5-contest 4 caps with my preworkout shake
    Ad3-PCT weeks 5-contest 2 caps with MassHGH and casein before bed
    Intratest weeks 5-contest 2 scoops workout days scoop off days

    Anabolic Pump 1 cap before carb meals
    Orange Triad 6 caps daily
    Citrulline Mallate ~6grams Pre workout
    Agmatine 1 gram Pre woorkout
    BCAAs 5 grams pre plus ~10-20 more throughout the day more as calories go down and cardio goes up

    Daily calories for upcoming week 300p/250c/75f 2900cals
    I will do one "cheat" meal per week as of right now will add carb up days as well once I go lower
    Cheat Meal to me = cheeseburger and ice cream

    Workout Routine
    Mon Heavy Upper body Rows/Presses etc 1-5 reps
    Tues Heavy Lower body Deads/Squats 1-5 reps
    Wed Abs/Traps/Forearms
    Thurs Light Upper 6+reps
    Fri Light Lower 6+reps
    sat abs/strech
    sun abs/strech

    sample day
    330am pre workout shake
    445am OXYBlack bcaas citmal agmatine
    515-645am workout
    7am post shake
    730 meal 1 with carbs
    1030 meal 2 with carbs
    130 meal 3 with carbs
    330 protein shake/bcaas
    530 meal 4 no carbs except veggies (veggies dont count)
    730 casein massHGH
    8-830 seinfeld reruns and bed.

    Im sure I missed some things so if there is anything you want to know just ask. Advice comments criticisms are all welcome.

    Ill post day 1 pics tomorow.
    All posts by mattys4 are the result of a very creative imagination and should not be considered advice nor taken seriously

  2. pics from sunday 8-5

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    All posts by mattys4 are the result of a very creative imagination and should not be considered advice nor taken seriously

  3. Link to see some of recent lifts

    meal plan for upcoming week. 9 weeks out

    330am pre workout shake 48p/36c/2f
    430 1oxyblack 10 grams bcaas 1 gram agmatine 6 grams cit mal
    700 post shake 48p/36c/2f
    730 meal 1 oatmeal, PB, Banana, 4 egg whites 29p/90c/20f
    1030 meal 2 greek yogurt ,granola 29p/39c/14f
    130 meal 3 8oz lean meat, 1 cup brown rice, 2 cups veggies 1tbs olive oil 47p/34c/20f
    400 shake/bcaas 24p/3c/1f
    600 meal 4 8oz meat lots of veggies and maybe olive oil depending on meat 44p/0c/15f
    800 shake 11/2 scoops casein 1 tbs PB 3 caps mass hgh 39p/5c/10f

    goal is 300p/225c/75 fat
    I dont count veggies as carbs or calories

    maybe add a "cheat" meal friday after work

    Todays workout (monday) was awesome otns of energy and focus plus nice pump. I slept like a baby last night woke up took my oxyblack and was ready to kill it. first day using the black before a workout "besides my jane fonda at home abs I do on weekends" and I was impressed energy just kept getting better the longer into the workout I got.

    Bench 135x10 185x10 205x5 225x5 245x1 255x1 275 attempt failed 225x5
    incline db 60x12 80x8 100x2 PR
    neutral db press 60x12 80x5,4
    Pull ups bw+40x5 +50x5,4
    bent rows 185x10 205x8 225x6 245x5 PR
    Rack chins BWx12 BW+65x8,6
    cable rows 15x15 18x10 stackx5
    Military press 135x6 155x3,3 drop set 155,135,115,95
    lat raises 25x12,12,12
    spider curls 40x12,10 50x10x8
    decline skull crushers 50x10,10 60x10x12
    concentration curls ss with tri kickbacks 20x15 for both
    rear delt raises ss with db shrugs 20x15 85x15 3 sets
    was smoked here looked huge tho

    todays workout

    Oxyblack still has me feeling good all day appetite is still low been eating because its time to eat not because im hungry.

    todays workout

    squats worked 135x10,10 185x10 225x5 255x5 285x3 315 failed
    deadlifts 135x10 225x10 275x5 315x3 335x2
    reverse hack squats 2platesx15 4x15 6x10 8x8
    leg press 8 plates x 15 10x 15,15,15
    db lunges 50s 10 ea 3 sets
    db stiff leg deads 85x15,10,10

    diet has been spot on 300/225/75 p/c/f
    All posts by mattys4 are the result of a very creative imagination and should not be considered advice nor taken seriously

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