Pre Contest switch from chicken to fish

  1. Pre Contest switch from chicken to fish

    I've heard of people switching from Chicken to fish the last couple weeks before a contest to further reduce sodium.

    I hate fish, so would boiling the chicken the last 1-2 weeks (?) be sufficient. Also during that sodium minimizing phase what do you use to make the chicken tolerable to eat? (mustard?) My redhot sauce has some sodium...

    Appreciate any suggestions.

  2. The change is more so for the decrease in calories bro, not really sodium. A lot of guys don't even change sodium levels. It all depends on how you look. If it isn't broke, why try to fix it ya know? To answer your question though, Mrs. Dash has a LOt of GOOD tasting spices and rubs for meat that are very low sodium, lemon and lime juices are good, if you look around, a LOT of companies are making zero calorie, low sodium, etc, spices and marinades these days.
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