My first competition Nov 10

  1. My first competition Nov 10

    I am doing a provincial qualifier Nov 10 and I hope to place top 3 in order to move on to provincials next year. I started prep july 1 at 58 skinfolds weighing 216. Last friday july 27 my skinfolds were 48 and I weighed 221 (I am 5'8), quite a drastic muscle gain in the wake of fat loss.

    Weeks 1-2: First 2 weeks 220g carb a day 40 protein per meal and fats around 20g. Light Cardio 30m/day. Note: wasn't losing fat fast enough so I switched it up.

    Weeks 3-present: 180g carb taper 55g,45g,35g, etc no carbs besides veg after pwo meal around 7/8. Got down to 48 skinfolds doing this.

    Present 14 weeks out: Still doing 180g carb taper. 1 hr light cardio 3 days 30m other days. Getting skinfolds checked Aug 10 will post pics and findings.

    Cycle july 1-nov 11: Heres the fun stuff

    -Test p 100mg ed, Tren a 85mg ed, Mast 85 mg ed, Var 80mg (june 20-july 20). Doing all these up until show and will add winny 4 weeks out, drop test 2 weeks out to remove bloating.

    -HCG 500 iu every 5 days.

    -Letro .2mg-2mg 2 weeks from today to kill current gyno

    -HGH 5iu started july 1 doing 1 year on.

    -T3 and clen started today to tighten up skin and help get to 40 skinfolds by 12 weeks out.
    -T3 50mcg 6 weeks on 2 off 6 on again
    -Clen 20mcg working up to no more than 120mcg 2 weeks on 2 off up till show

    12-10 weeks out I will start carb cycling. 4 weeks out I will start keto to get to the diced level.

    Training split:
    -Day 1 chest/calves
    -Day 2 back
    -Day 3 Quads
    -Day 4 shoulders/traps
    -Day 5 Arms
    -Day 6 hams/calves
    -Day 7 Rest or repeat

    Supplements: pwo shake 45g iso, 15g malto, 10g creatine, 10g glutamine, 1 scoop greens.
    Casein shake before bed

    Idk if I'm missing anything... My main questions are about the clen and t3 as I have no experience with them. Im afraid of the t3 rebound on the 2 weeks off but I hear theres no rebound if only using 50 mcg. Let me know what you guys think, if Im doing something wrong or need to tweek anything. I want to win this damn show and am willing to put all the hard work in!

  2. Im going to start the split of clenbuterol to twice a day starting tmrw when I start 80mcgs. As for the t3 do suggest I split the dose on that? I'm going to taper off the t3 after my competition as I may bump it up to 100mcg during the last week just to lean out really good. Ill put pics up tuesday. I also have to get my diuretics down pat. I train with a future pro (soon as he wins the Canadian Elites this weekend lol) and he is helping me with my contest prep (aldactone and halotestin)

  3. Shooting for light heavy. Im getting my skinfolds done tomorrow and im quite excited to see how i've done the past 2 weeks and what the clen/t3 has done. If Im not satisfied with my conditioning ill drop to the top of middleweight and kill it

  4. *Update* Skinfolds are 41 today weighing 217. At this rate I'll grow into top of light heavy hopefully 198 on stage . 17 skinfolds down and still the same weight! Pics to be posted 12 weeks out on Aug 18 (day of Canadian Nationals). My goal is to win juniors and light heavy in the open at this show which will qualify me for BC provincials next year in both open and junior. Then I'd like to go to junior nationals which ill still have 2 years of prep if I can win junior bcs next year.

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