Mr. Madds is competing!

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  1. Progress is looking good.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by 02sixxer
    Progress is looking good.
    thank you sir

  3. Ya man you're coming along nicely, I'm excited for you.

  4. Been subbed a while now, just lurking and learning.

    Great progress bro keep it up

  5. Doing well my friend, doing well
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  6. Look good, great chest development...
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  7. thank you fellas... I feel a ton better with the protien bumped up... 2 gals of water right now so im pretty bloated... but that will fade... and cant wait to see the final result!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Red9
    Been subbed a while now, just lurking and learning.

    Great progress bro keep it up
    glad to know theres a few lurking around

  9. You ab definition is getting me excited for working towards single digits late this winter. I have about 4 showing, but no where near the definition.
    Just inject.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by HereToStudy
    You ab definition is getting me excited for working towards single digits late this winter. I have about 4 showing, but no where near the definition.
    thank you bud. ive been trying to bring out my lower abs... they are very strong... and stick out... you can get it promise... thanx to your derma

    sry for no updates everyone... im worn out... trying to keep up with everything dieting and working out all day it seems like... stay tuned ill have everything caught up when I get to work tomorrow night... its looking good guys seeing new veins is exciting ...
    im ready for this to be over though...

  11. ill see if I can get a pic going... im finishing up cardio today and today is it of my 2 hrs... now its just casual walking carbs dropped to 50... and protein... 200 if im'still hungry ill eat more... im looking shredded! started xpel two days ago... last day of two gals of water.... tomorrow one gallon... thurs 1/2 gal then sips friday and saturday...

    sry for no updates im dying lol...

  12. Very nice!

  13. Weighed in at 162.6!!!

  14. Whens contest?

  15. Tomorrow son! Lets get this... lol

  16. Quote Originally Posted by madds87 View Post
    Tomorrow son! Lets get this... lol
    good luck brother
    Just inject.

  17. Good luck today!

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Tomahawk88
    Good luck today!
    X's 2
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  19. Quote Originally Posted by Distilled Water

    X's 2
    X's 3

  20. Quote Originally Posted by smash1904

    X's 3
    X's 4

  21. GOOD Luck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Also Have FUN!

  23. Holy hell, I just read all 17 pages of this log non stop. haha. This is awesome. I didn't even realize the dates on this log, thought it was some old one, but I got to the last page and its today! Great job buddy, you look awesome!

  24. Well fellas laying in bed after a long day. My body is so sore from flexing so much lol.... i got second place in novice.... which is cool with me for my first time... i know what u need to do now.... open middle weight i i didnt place... but i t was a showdown for fifth place.... i lost... the guy beat me with a better upper body.... if i would of came in more shredded i would of won alot more...
    My lessons i learned:
    dropped carbs out way to early
    Started a Fatburner way too
    Posing i can get better at, of coarse...
    Need to get my calories up higher and slowely taper down
    Cardio start small and slowly taper up....
    Fat burner at last couple of weeks... like third or fourth...
    Loose most fat from cutting cals and cardio...

    Thank you fellas for the support... might be a few days but ill post some professional pics later...

    I would like to thank finaflex, all of yall for the help and support, my family that put up with my grumpy butt, my Lord and savior, and primordial performance....

    There will be a next time fellas!!!! I will return!!!

  25. Congrats Bro! Second in your class is pretty good for your first time.

  26. Ya bro 2nd place is awesome, with what you've learned its only up from here. I have a meeting with a personal trainer that's done contest this week, I'm really excited. I'm thinking the primo route, stuff sounds awesome, but osta is pretty sick so far and I'm not even at the 30mg sweet spot.

  27. I heard 2nd place is cooler than 1st anyways

    Congrats man, you did a heck of a job!!!
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  28. Congrats on that novice placing!!
    Just inject.

  29. 2nd is great man. Awesome job. I was tellin my buddies about this log and how it has inspired me


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