Preparing for my first contest!

  1. Preparing for my first contest!

    i do not have a date yet for this first contest.

    i will be uploading pictures tomorrow, along with nutricion plans, workout split.

    would love constructive critisim , due to no one supports my dream, and i cant critque myself as well as someone else

    5'7 , 180
    age : 17

    comittment isnt a problem, if you subscribed i guarentee you will enjoy the ride

  2. Looking forward to the updates bro! Good luck

  3. Quote Originally Posted by MuscleGauge1
    Looking forward to the updates bro! Good luck
    thanks man, i wont disappoint

  4. pictures : being postponed till tuesday, gaving someone come over to take pictures

    training split: monday: chest biceps
    warm up flat bb bench 2 * 15
    incline 5 * 8-12
    decline 3 * 8-12
    incline fly 3 * 10-12
    pec dec 3 - till failure
    smith machine flat 2 - failure
    machine preacher curl 4-12
    super with seated biceps curls , alternated between hammer and regular 4*10-12

    tuesday - Legs
    Glutes, hams
    warm up 2 - till warm
    squat 7 * 8-12
    leg extensions 4 * 10-20
    striaght leg deadlift 3* 8

    wensday abs

    thursday . shoulders triceps
    warm up military press 2-warm
    miltary press 5* 8-15
    lateral raises: 3* 10
    upright rows 3* 8
    cable raise 3* 10
    weighted dips 4 *12
    supersetwith close grip bench 4* 8-10

    friday back
    warm up cable rows 2-warm
    cable rows 4* 12
    super with pull ups 4*8-10 (real lat squeeze)
    bent over rows 4*10-12
    rack pulls 5-10 alternating grip heavy sets
    t bar row 2-failure

    saturday quads,calves
    cavle raise : 5 * 30
    walking lunge 3* 15
    seated calve 100 ASAP
    leg extensions 5- failure

  5. subbed> i feel u on the no support im a young one too

  6. Any reason you don't do the basic split? Chest & tri's, Back & Bi's, then legs & abs?

  7. I'm 17 as well and have my first contest on the 4th of July.

  8. You are pretty young to be doing your very first comp. I give you a lot of credit for stepping on stage
    and trying to go after your goal I think that is great for sure. I would suggest one type of protein for you
    and that would be a pure isolate. Muscle Gauge Nutrition makes a great pure isolate in great flavors. Let me know
    if you need a discount code I will be able to provide it for you.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by alcantar0311 View Post
    I'm 17 as well and have my first contest on the 4th of July.
    What show is that?
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  10. Quote Originally Posted by criticalbench View Post
    What show is that?
    Venice Beach on the 4th of July

  11. Quote Originally Posted by bennykaos7 View Post
    Any reason you don't do the basic split? Chest & tri's, Back & Bi's, then legs & abs?
    No such thing as a normal split sir. Everyone trains differently,sets ,rep,days ,methods and everyone grows differently.

  12. Awsome bud. Waiting for pics!!! No homo...


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