Men's physique training advice. -

Men's physique training advice.

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    Men's physique training advice.

    I'm 12 weeks out from the show I want to enter but really not sure if I'll be at my peak by then so I have back up show the TideWater in October. This will be my first show and Im really starting from scratch here any advice on training diet anything would help from anyone with experience in these shows.

    Current stats:
    6'3 207lb 12%bf I'm what most consider a hard gainer so my diet is really sloppy right now cause cutting isn't a problem. I'm taking in 5-6000 cals 250g protein and 500 carbs per day. Can't see my lower abs yet due to the diet and chest is really slacking cause my long arms real hard to isolate it without hitting my shoulders so any tips on chest would be great.

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    Yo man! Good luck. I don't have a ton of advice other than trying to add lean body mass. Recomp in general.

    Men's physique is basically an unknown for a lot of people now because it's new.
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    Subbd to learn! I am trying to jump into men's physique as well.

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    I have the same problem. I slowed my reps down considerably (4-5 seconds down 2-3 seconds up) and this had added noticeable size to my chest in relatively short time. Thats all the advice i have, as if i had more my chest would be alot better! Good luck

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