Just a few days out from provincials!

  1. Just a few days out from provincials!

    Hey guys I'm just a few days out from my first show in the mens physique category. Getting ready for this show has been a great experience and I loved every minute of it. Its hard to judge what the judges will be looking for as more ripped isnt whats been getting rewarded but well see, anything can happen on judging day right? I'm still working alot on my posing aswell. Let me know what you guys think, I'd love some feedback, especialy since its my first show. I have a good idea of what I'd love to improve for next time around but all in all, its been a great experience and I could see myself doing this year round. My goal is to rep for a company at expo's and show, I think this category is the best way to acheive that goal.



  2. I'll give feed back, your chest looks good ta go. Very full and the whole physique look they want. They want the bowflex commerical body and you got it. I like twinkies and brownies so ill stick to heavy lifting

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