Pre Competition Diet critique

  1. Pre Competition Diet critique

    I am 25 years old, 5'9, 175 lbs with around 9 percent bodyfat. I am looking to get down to around 5 percent bodyfat. I will be competing in a NPC physique show in 10 weeks. How does this look?

    BMR: 1862.55

    Diet break down: protein 195.8, carbs 148.4, fat 56.4

    Pre Cardio: fat burner, xtends bcaa 5cals

    Breakfast: cup egg whites 25pro/5carbs/125cals, 56 grams oatmeal 8pro/36carbs/4fat/200cals, 1 tbsp natty pb 4.5pro/3.5carbs/8fat/100cals, multi, fish oil 1fat/10cals

    112 grams ground chicken or turkey 19pro/11fat/180cals, salad

    112 grams ground chicken or turkey 19pro/11fat/180cals, salad, fish oil 1fat/10cals

    Pre workout: fat burner, 1 scoop probiotic myofusion protein 24pro/9carb/2fat/150cals

    Post Workout: 2 scoops probiotic myofusion protein 48pro/18carbs/4fat/300cals, banana 1.3pro/26.9carbs/.4fat/105cals

    112 grams lean meat 19pro/11fat/180cals, sweet potato 4pro/41carbs/180cals, fish oil 1fat/ 10cals

    Before Bed: 1 scoop Probiotic Myofusion protein 24pro/9carb/2fat/150cals

  2. I know that my diet is not perfect. I would be grateful if there was any competitive bodybuilders that could advise me, so that I can do as well as possible.

  3. lol bump. I am about to go to They will at lease respond.

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  5. wow bro wish i saw this sooner, come check us out at . we have many physique competitors we advise, pics would be hlpful as well.


  6. Make the diet breakdowns easier to read.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative


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