Protein Shake After Cardio???

  1. Protein Shake After Cardio???

    A few days into my contest prep now, planning on doing cardio after the weights 5 days a week. Was thinkin about taking some BCAAs after the weights before my cardio, and a shake when done with cardio. I live about 45min from the gym, figured the shake would hold me over until I get home. What do you guys think?

  2. I do pwo shake and pwo carbs right after WO/cardio bring both to the gym
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  3. I'm almost 1 week into my prep, what I am currently doing is aminos after workout, then hit the treadmill follow that with a shake, then make the 40 min drive home and get a meal ( chicken and brown rice) follow that with 1 more carb meal, then cut carbs for last meal. and shake before bed. gonna try this for a few weeks, and if needed will drop carbs again.

  4. gl reaching ur goal u can do it!!

  5. Thanks Blade!! I'm about 7.5 weeks out now, like what I'm seeing so far. I'll post b4 and after pics in a day more weeks.

  6. are you completely depleting gly storages? if yes then go for it.....i really dont believe in pwo shakes for the sake of the "window", not saying thats your way of thinking....
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  7. Basically what I am doing now is bout 100g carbs per day divided between my first 2 meals. Then train. I work a swing shift schedule so sometimes it later before I can train. Carbs were higher earlier in my diet, but the weight wasnt coming off like I wanted. Seeing good results now. Strength is still up, 7 weeks out now. Still have some BCAAs after training, then do my cardio, then protein shake to hold over until i get home from the gym (40 min). Then eat when I get home.

  8. Yes def shake post lift

  9. That awesome. I keep telling guys and girls all the time. Weights, bcaa,s then cardio. Then drink a shake (WPI) walking to the car!! I'm assuming you all are yanks? I'm Aussie. We are so backwards here. It's just not funny.


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