It Starts Now

  1. It Starts Now

    Transformation Process.

    ..............FINALLY!!!!!.... ...THE HARD ONE HAS COME BACK........




  2. So The Hard One was back stage and heard that the world needed a new Hero, that the time was necessary.....

    ******COMMERCIAL BREAK**********

  3. Will be posting "Training / Diet" blueprints tomorrow.

    Gonna get nasty up in here!

    And please hate on my "The Hard One" gimmick. Feel free to hate on it lol. Its basically just a ripoff of The Rocks gimmick.

  4. Nobody, no one, gets more harder than...The Hard One!

    I mean I get super hard!

  5. ********Typical Nutrition/Training Rundown*******

    6-7 Small Meals a day
    HIIT Cardio 4-5x a week
    Intense overload weight workouts 5-6x a week (supersets/giant sets/moderate-heavy weights)

  6. *******Goal********

    1)Get shredded

    2)Stay anabolic (just because your shredding fat doesn't mean you have to burn away muscle tissue aka catabolic)

    3)Get HARDER!

    4)Super Vascular!

    5)Super Hung!

  7. Will post blueprints in greater detail in the future!

  8. Noiceeeee!
    I pick things up... and i put em down...


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