Contest prep help

  1. Contest prep help

    Hey guys I was just wondering if someone could help point me in the right direction. I'm having trouble finding contests in my area (southern CA) and ive already started my pre contest training. I'm looking for an untested show my trainer currently has me running 500 mg of test C along with masteron. I'll also be starting EQ at 600-700 mg per week. Perhaps some anavar the last 4-6 weeks at ~50-60 mg per day.

    Im 6'1" 205 lbs around 12-13% bf

    Thanks in advance!

  2. There are contest all over socal. But with your stats you should look into bulking more if you wanna compete because at 6'1 once you come all the way down you are gonna look like a twig! Not to bring you down it's jus that I'm 5'11 and I wouldn't think of competed under 205 (on stage). Cause once you strip from there you will be 175-185 (on my phone can't do the math right now) and you will be right next to someone 5'6 and will look massive next to you. The curse of being tall in this sport. But wait why didn't you coach know that?

  3. He did tell me I just chose to go ahead and do it anyway.. Starting to regret it now haha anyway it's going to be my first one so I'm just thinking it's not going to matter whether I win or lose. My coach is also suggesting I throw in some Tren to perhaps gain a little size in the process. I'll probably end up doing that, what do you think?

  4. Anyone else have any suggestions? I'd really appreciate it as this will be my first contest

  5. What a horrible game plan . Ur cycling for a contest (including masteron) and u don't even know when ur gonna do one??

    Excalibur is the last npc show, in December. Then npc starts again in march (so cal/LA show) that's probably the best organization which offers shows all over so cal .

  6. I should have clarified. I have a couple shows in mind, feb 25 in culver city and another march 17 in SD. I found both on What I should have asked is there more options? Certain ones that are specific for novice competitors? I just want some other options

  7. I would wait, but the san Diego show is best. Do the novice light heavy. Keep your calories as high as you can afford to do without hurting your condition to keep as much size as possible and train hard. Your condition is critical. You need to be shredded. I wish you luck bro. Practice and focus and eat clean.

  8. I think I will wait for that one thanks for the advise. My diet is pretty strict right now, I've been dropping weight steadily but suddenly stopped
    On an average day I eat

    Meal 1: 10 oz tuna, half cup oats

    Meal 2: post workout shake (50 grams protein)

    Meal 3: 8 oz chicken, half cup oats

    Meal 4: 50 gram protein shake

    Meal 5: 8 oz chicken (sometimes with lightly steamed veggies)

    Meal 6: 5-10 oz of tuna

    Meal 7: 25 gram shake before bed

    I also drink a little over a gallon of h2o a day, cardio 4-5 times low intensity atleast 25 mins

    Any suggestions from some vets in this sport? Anything I can tweak around?


  9. So you have over 2 lbs of animal protein and about 54 grams of carbohydrates (1 cup oats)? Hmmmmm........ Well if its working keep it rollin' man!

  10. Do you take in any healthy fats? I would add in some natural peanut butter and macadamia nut oil with your carbs that low? Ensure you're getting enough fiber too. I would also keep eating the veggies daily. You need those. Otherwise keep up the good work. Wow, tuna for breakfast. Yuck lol

  11. Yeah I'm thinking about bumping up the carbs for a while.. And no i don't take any of those good fats but that's an excellent suggestion! Thanks

  12. And I do try to consume veggies whenever I can and I take a fiber supplement as well

  13. Sweet bro. I start my prep in a few more weeks.

  14. How many weeks out are you?
    I pick things up... and i put em down...

  15. How many weeks out are ya?
    I pick things up... and i put em down...

  16. 20 or 21 rightnow. Cleaning up my diet and training harder. Cardio is 4 times a week currently.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Cooky32
    20 or 21 rightnow. Cleaning up my diet and training harder. Cardio is 4 times a week currently.
    Same here bout 22 weeks 4 days out. Getting serious dieting wise at 18 weeks but I'm Eatting pretty clean right now, but cleaner at 18
    I pick things up... and i put em down...

  18. Please do not take several peoples advice and mix up what your trainer has you doing. If you hired this person or you agreed to have them work with you, be classy and just do everything he instructs you to do.

    If you decide to take others advice, notify your trainer and make sure he is aware. As for your being tall and need more mass etc etc...

    Yes this is true, but it will be your first time and the experience will be fun and I would assume you will hold weight and grow a bit into the show as you added the AAS into the equation. My guys never really drop weight until 2 weeks out.\

    I would also ask your trainer why he wont have tren in the cycle,...IMO it is mandatory product.

  19. ^^^^ Exactly what he said and why he has your carbs so low and no good fats without a target date for a show.

  20. Need I "like" button!!!


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