dbol pre contest

  1. dbol pre contest

    I heard an experienced competitor tell a guy to use dbol the last 2-3 weeks leading up to competition. (While using adex) anyone have experience w this. My fear would b the water retention it may cause, not sure how this would go when u start water depletion and Carb loading..

  2. Turinabol ;-)

  3. Agree less blot

  4. I would just run var and prop if your gonna do it before a show but diet and not cutting out to much water works better for me

  5. var/ prop/ tren or mast = ready for the stage

  6. After some research I wanna stay away from dbol, besides it not being good precontest but sue to its hairloss sides. I thought about mast but that's bad on hairline also. So I'm thinking turinibol or var...


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