Reducing waist size while retaining upperbody muscle????

  1. Reducing waist size while retaining upperbody muscle????

    Long time reader first time poster...

    I really need guidance on reducing waist size, I am currently at 36". I am 5'9, 220 pounds. I am cobfused on where to fo from here.

    My diet is as follows-


    All meals are with broccoli and beans. I sip on xtend all day.

    I have an average training split as follows-

    Chest/ tris
    Rest repeat

    Thats my regime currently.

    Thanks in anticipation!

  2. Try slapping on 20-30 mins low-mid intensity cardio on the end of each workout.

    Also, try eat a lot of vegtables for your carbs. Peas, red bell peppers and carrots are all good aswell. And make sure your at a slight calory deficite.
    ~Get shredded or die trying! The alphamine chapter~

  3. what do your macro's look like?? the cardio will help, 20min max, 3-5x a wk IMO

  4. yea, the OP doesn't really tell us much about his diet. I actually can't figure out what you meant by writing those foods like that. is that your rotation of foods that you eat everyday? how much of what food's do you eat?

    weigh yourself everyday and adjust your calories so that you lose 2lbs a week. Eat the same thing everyday so that you can learn what works and what doesn't and schedule one cheat meal per week to keep you psychologically stable and refill your glycogen stores. That works fairly well for me, but I do lose some muscle, it's almost unavoidable.

  5. oh, and you should be training your shoulders and abs as well. you left those out.



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