First Contest Pics

  1. First Contest Pics

    Hi guys,

    I wanted to post some pictures from my first show. I won my Novice class, Novice Overall, and Open Lightweight. NGA gave me a pro card for winning my lightweight class. I am actually a bantam weight but there was no class for it. I have a few more drug tested shows (USBF Oct 1st Brick, NJ and OCB Cape Cod) coming up and am thinking of doing a local NPC show. For my next show, I'm going to restrict water a lot more so that I can be a bit harder. Let me know what you think!

    -John G.Name:  Lightweight 2.jpg
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  2. Good stuff man, look good overall but need more hams n glutes. Do not cut water unless you wanna be flat, get headaches, and get cramps. Looking hard an grainy is from LOW BODYFAT. So diet til you have striated glutes, easy. Lol
    My goal as a natural bodybuilder is to improve constantly, and win my pro card, while making an increasing amount of people doubt that I'm natural ;)

  3. Yep ^ totally agree. If you want to be longer. Dont cut water. Congrats, BTW!
    Sean Campbell
    Pro Natural Bodybuilder
    NRC Sponsored Athlete -

  4. Congrats man, U def had ur posing down to a T over those other guys. No one even looked close on that rear lat spread. Like Firmanator said hams and glutes is where I'd put priority there

  5. Quote Originally Posted by AustrianOakJr View Post
    Yep ^ totally agree. If you want to be longer. Dont cut water. Congrats, BTW!
    x2, water is key

  6. like they said, keep water for sure. nice job though!
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  7. Thanks everyone for all of your suggestions and support! I'll post updated pictures from my upcoming shows soon.

  8. your rear lat spread tore the competition apart man! Good job!

  9. Thank you rynie27!

    Quote Originally Posted by rynie27 View Post
    your rear lat spread tore the competition apart man! Good job!


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