Anabolic Designs owner JB'S BodyBlog with trainer IFBB PRO Ben " Pak Man" Pakulski

  1. Anabolic Designs owner JB'S BodyBlog with trainer IFBB PRO Ben " Pak Man" Pakulski

    This log will be a detailed look into the life and training from Joe Binley, this will share training and nutritional changes and updated progress throughout the next 12-18 months as he looks to add more thickness and mass with a smart offseason attack.

    From JB :

    As owner of Anabolic designs i think we have a great opportunity to display the evolution of a physique in line with the brand. I pride the brand on being innovative and working with the best people possible, invariably i test everything personally too as i know after 8-10 years supplement use if iím responding most others will too!

    After years of self training and nutritional research and self experimentation with various techniques and diet plans from keto all the way through to high carb low fats i decided it was time to work with someone on the next stage of development; i looked at this for a long time and finally was fortunate enough to meet and speak to the one person that had impressed me time and again with how he conducted himself and the quality and depth of information he disseminated.

    After speaking briefly at a show and then following up with a detailed meeting i had no doubts that this was the guy that i wanted to have in my corner.

    I consider myself very fortunate to be working alongside IFBB PRO Ben ďPak ManĒ Pakulski. Ben is a highly educated and driven individual who is not just a freak of an athlete with a potentially phenomenal future in the sport as an athlete but also one of the most intelligent and well read people in the industry I have met, we have shared values , drive and nutritional beliefs so iím very excited that working with Ben will result in a new physique in 2012!

    The last 12 months have seen great growth with Anabolic designs and some new innovative products and trust me we have some more in the pipeline you will find out about them here and on our Anabolic Designs facebook page first.

    I hope this unique log will educate many, help everyone and keep you entertained as we cross a supplement company owner getting ready to compete with an IFBB Pro and soon to be renowned trainer and bodybuilder.

    I look forward to interacting with you all JB
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  2. From JB:

    Thank you for all tuning in, the last week has been a crazy busy one!!! The changes in diet have been pretty smooth as it was similar to what i follow, i expect the weight to come on rather quickly as gaining weight is not an issue for me, i can eat all day!

    We have had some fun stuff going on with the brand, staff training with Lone star was great and a whole host of samples sent over as we aim to push the envelope on a few new thing over the next quarter too.

    Ok to the training, having a split week i.e 3 days away and on the road alsways disturbs things but i still hit 6 days training....i will be reducing volume to facilitate growth as some days is an am and pm split, i don't suggest this to most but i have built upto this over 10 years but it will be getting pulled back, you grow out of the gym!!!

    I have actually gained 4lbs this week which is mostly water, if this happens again this week i will be very shocked, the game all about steady gains and keeping some shape, i have 18 months to add more size and i want to be heathy with it, i never buy into the classic bulking idealogy....who wants to work hard to get in shape than gain copious amounts of fat with it only to lose again next time?!

    Ok a short one here, i thought i'd chime in though ....hope all youi guys kicked some ass!!!

    Train hard guys
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  3. From JB :

    Ok so today i was working from home which is great for me, my day started with some CV work first thing in the morning, i like to get to the gym to do this when i can and fire a few emails out whilst conducting it, as long as my heart rate is above 120 minimum iím happy. CV in my opinion is a must the health benefits and metabolism boosting benefits are great in the offseason.
    It was then straight back for meal one and set the laptop going. 3-4 days i have been conducting an AM /PM split for the last 10-12 weeks but i am now moving this to get my lifting in on one session, today was a big one it was a back thickness, bicep and calf workout, the diet changes have seen my supplements change so i can train longer and stay anabolic so longer sessions are not an issue. This is how i rolled today.
    Underhand lat pulldowns - 5x 20-8 maxing out @ 275lbs
    Close grip pulldowns 4 x 12-8 maxing out @ 250lbs
    T Bar 4 x 12-10 maxing out @ 350lbs
    Bent rows 4 x 10 -8 maxing out @ 350lbs ( followed by one drop 220 lbs x 12)
    Low Pulley rows 4 x 15 maxing out @ 250lbs
    Machine preacher curls 4 x 12-8 maxing out @ 110lbs
    EZ preacher curls 4 x 10- 6 maxing out @ 100 lbs
    Alternate dumbbell curls 3 x 10-6 maxing out @ 70lbs ( followed by drop set 45lbs x 8)
    Cable concentration curls (single arm) 4 x 10 @ 30 lbs
    Seated calf raises 3 x 25-20 maxing out @ 100lbs
    Standing calf raises superset with one leg bodyweight donkeys Ė Standing 20 reps per set one leg to failure fast pace hitting fast twitch fibres.

    After this i was probably the fullest i have been in months, i have added some water with the diet changes which is expected but after one week i am around 5-7lbs heavier, water and fuller glycogen stores.
    The workout was quite long, back was done in 45 mins biceps 25 mins and calves 20 mins so 90 mins intense training!
    Now to eat and recover before a day on the road tomorrow, catch you all soon!
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  4. From JB :

    Yesterday was a long day, i was working away with the European distributor bodytemple so i had a nice 3 hour drive down to the offices, i woke at 5am, and finished packing my things up and hit the gym at 6am for the morning CV session. I like to keep CV in during offseason and tend to do 30-35 mins, the first 5 mins tend to be getting my heart rate upto 120-130 and then maintain that for 25-30 minutes most of the week.
    After a day in the office it was off for a leg workout, the gym i train at is a chain gym, not my thing really especially for legs but the lack of air con meant it was a harder workout than normal as getting air in was near impossible, my gym back home has a large shutter door like a garage that stays open in the summer, this is great. Now onto the workout.
    3 sets of extensions to start moderate weight 20-25 reps per set
    Squats- 6 sets - 220lb x 20, 310lbs x 15, 400lbs x 8, 485lbs x 8 ( not as deep but this is overload to build strength) 400lbs x 10, 310 lbs x 12
    The overload i find useful as i find the next set easier as you can see 2 extra reps were hit on the 2nd 400lb set.
    Hacks volume- 4 x 15 reps controlled and light 220lbs
    Now for the my Trifector set
    Leg Press was chosen this week- basically this is 10 reps, 10 breaths, 10 sets
    440lb trifectors at a brisk pace, set 1 easy, set 2 easy set 3 blowing....set 8,9,10 you want to die!!!
    I hit all of these so next week we increase that weight!!!
    Wide stance leg press (high Heels)
    4 x 12 Ė 550lbs
    One leg standing raises 5 x 20-12 upping weight each set
    Lying leg curls 3 x 12
    Dumbell squats 15kg each hand 3 x 20.
    (arms in front if your knee and squat from floor to just 90 degrees then back down, perform fast to hit fast twitch fibres.)
    After this i was close to being sick due to the heat, lack of air and volume.... after that it was shower, recovery shake and home for back for some emails and then an evening meal 60 mins later.
    I actually suffered with a huge drop in blood sugar i was shaking like a madman when trying to eat, as fast as i could get food on the fork it had been shaken off before it hit my mouth!!!
    Mails were through late as we have some cool changes with anabolic designs which i can share shortly. Tray this workout and see how you get on, remember form when repping!!!! Train hard!!!
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  5. From JB :

    How did it get to sunday already?! The last few days have flown by, thursday was going to be a day off lifting but i tend to listen to my body and thursday i fely good so in the evening i headed off to hit Calves and delts, snaller muscle groups as thursday i always find to be difficult due to 3 heavy days and travel.

    Calves were hit first, 5 sets of 25 standing raise and 3 sets of donkeys superset with bodyweight one leg raises - fast pace.
    Delts- i have been nursing a slight injury so have trained around it, upright rows are a no go so i hit smith behngneck press 4 x 15- 6
    rear delt machine 5 x 10
    giant set side raise x 10 , bent over rear delts 10 reps, front raise, 1 reps.
    3 giant sets and then onto sid reaise machine trifector set.

    Friday chest and triceps- insane pumps on chest!!

    incline barbell

    135lbs x 20 (2 warmups)
    220lbs x 10
    265lbs x 8
    365 x 6
    365 x 4 ( drop 220 x 8)

    decline barbell

    135 x 15
    220 x 10
    265 x 6
    265 x 4
    220 x 8

    Underhand smith bench

    220 x 8 ( 3 sets)

    pec deck TRIFECOR SET

    dips 5 x 15-8 reps


    Bench dips 5 x 12-8
    overhead Cable extensions 4 x 12-8
    cable pushdown 3 x 10
    dumbell kickback 3 x 15

    Saturday i was heading to a show so i had an AM workout Back and Bi's

    Back 4 sets chins wide
    pulldowns 5 x 15-8
    deadlifts 5 x 10- 6
    LAST 3 Sets superset with DB rows 12 reps per set on DB's
    Machine wide t bat rows 3 x 10
    Pullovers TRIFECTOR

    EZ preacher 4 x 12-8
    standing DB superset seated incline curl 3 sets each
    Cable isolation curls one arm 3 x 10

    Now sunday was just CV AM as every other day but just for a litte longer and now its onto a little work and a catch up with Ben.

    Me and Ben are 2 weeks in now and are around 5lbs up, extra water and glcogen mostly i expect but in happy if i can get that next 3 lbs ovr the next 2 weeks.

    The strength in up howver my joints can tell so i will be looking to swith to a straight 4 day split but still hitting 5-6 days lifting but me and Ben will throw some idea around, it all about that next show and gaining optimal lean mass!!!
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  6. From JB :

    Hey guys this week has been manic, its bodypower in the UK so we have some organizing going down, i had a good chat with the Pak Man yesterday and we are on track, the concerns with training are cgone basically i have always been reigned back....don't do much know but im a volume trainer, i love to work hard and get down and dirty!!! Ben is the same so my AM, PM splits stay in although my ass is being kicked for doing too much CV, whenever you get conditioned you don't want to let it go but its for the greater good!

    After the call with Ben i left the office early and went to train with Rich Gaspari, i have had th pleasure in working with team Gaspari for a while and Rich encapsulates the energy and drive that so many are lacking.

    We hit arms together supersetting bi's and triceps followed by a few abs and then off for dinner. It was a great workout with a few variations but it was a comfort to see that Rich's intensity was the same as i get training solo so i know that my training is on the money regarding rest periods and volume.

    on the business side we have just hit A1 supplements and are deep into formulating some new products so much more to come!!!
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  7. Some monster sessions there! Great read too, Il be following and hoping to pick up tips etc... along the way!

  8. Im enjoying this post. Keep it up, my man.
    By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.
    Franz Kafka

  9. Anabolic Desgins sucks. They just plaster **** all over forums every place u go, it gets annoying.

  10. From JB :

    This weekend it was bodypower in the UK, firstly i would like to thanks all fans and customers that came by to say hello, the great thing was that we had so many people coming back from last year to say they had great results and canít wait to see what AD was brining out next!!! Thank you all for the continual brand support.
    OK now onto the training the weekend was manic so it was just 2 cardio sessions fasted Saturday and Sunday and no lifting but business was about to pick up on Monday.

    AM Ė PM split Chest AM, Back PM

    Now the diet changes that Ben has made have really hit, my strength is increasing week on week and this week i was raring to go, both sessions saw biggest lifts for around 6 months.


    Flat bench 5 sets (maxed out 400lbs 3 reps with a spotter)
    Incline Press 4 sets
    Decline press 4 sets
    Dips 4 sets
    Cable Crossover 5 sets


    Chins 5 sets
    Close grip pulldowns 4 sets
    Deads 6 sets ( maxed out 525lbs)
    Bent rows 4 sets
    T Bar 4 sets
    Pullovers 5 sets
    I was very pleased with both workouts i felt extremely strong and pumped!

    Tuesday - AM

    Delts and ABS
    Seated dumbbell press 6 sets ( MAXED OUT 135 lb dumbbells 3 reps)
    Standing military Press 4 sets
    Seated Side raise 4 sets
    Standing side raise 4 sets
    Front Raise 3 sets
    Rear Delts (cable) 5 sets superset overhand and underhand grip


    Biís & Triís

    Straight barbell curls SUPERSET Straight Pushdowns Ė 5 sets
    MAXED OUT 200lb curl 5 reps
    Concentration curls SUPERSET Dips Ė 5 sets
    Preacher curls SUPERSET French Press Ė 4 sets
    Hammer curls SUPERSET Kickbacks Ė 3 sets

    Weds - AM

    30 mins CV



    Extensions 5 sets
    Squats 7 sets ( MAXED OUT 575lbs 6 reps)
    Front squats 4 sets
    Leg Press 4 Sets
    Ham tractor 3 positions 12 reps per position GIANT SET x 4 sets ( total 144 reps)
    Stiff legged deads 2 sets x 20 reps
    Lunges 2 x 20 strides per leg

    I WAS TOASTED!!!!!

    The strength gains this week have been truly amazing, i am currently trying a new product we are developing and this has seriously aided me, i canít wait to nail the final formula and get this out for you guys, the feeling is amazing!!!
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  11. There is nothing here about your products, and what you are using pre and post workout etc. what kind of proucts do you have, and what are they doing for you. What is CV Training? I have never heard of that. It sounds like you are having fun going all over the world and promoting your products, but I know nothing about them. I would like to hear about them please.

  12. From JB :

    Another week has just flown by, we had a conference call all plugged in with Lone star distribution for some staff training Friday but the day ran away with us and we missed our slot, i love doing staff training on products, many donít look at the depth or differentiation of formulaís once explained everyone gets pumped i love the energy i get from others, it really carries me through the day.

    The end part of the week i was able to tell that my central nervous system had taken a hammering, my sleep was not as it should have been and i really felt that my Saturday pm session ( legs) suffered slightly, i decided that there was no big lifts in me so it was i high volume few days to ease up on the joints but also to hit different muscle fibres and get a deeper burn. Many trainers fail to do this they train their ego not their muscle!

    Monday was a great example of this it was a public holiday and the gym was going to be busy, i headed in early for an AM chest session, Monday normally equates to chest workouts for the part time trainers too so i was unfortunate my schedule fell like this too.

    Ok back to the point, one guy i see in there a lot was also set to start a chest session, heís your classic grunt and shunt guy, load on plates, sloppy form and make a song and dance about it so i thought iíd offer to train with him, he jumped at the chance so we started. Flat bench is his strongest lift....i never see much of anything else i started with one plate for 30 reps and a 2nd set at 20 reps to get warm, then things started to get interesting we went to 2 and 3 and i went for 3.5 and 4 plates as i had a spotter i wanted to take advantage of a few reps with overload and controlled negatives. The other guy hit 3 plates and i let him carry on he hit 4 reps and i aided 2 more, then i said are you ready to train???

    He looked blankly at me and said ok sure. I said ok 3 more sets on here, i used 3, 2.5 and 2 plates with slow controlled reps to failure, he started and i immediately placed my hands at a height that prevented lockout after 4 reps with 2 plates he was done, with one plate he hit 7 reps, he didnít get it, i explained that we are working the chest and keeping pressure on it not the joints....still confused i stormed off to grab a bench for incline dumbbells, 5 sets passes, i was pumped i had purple patches from oxygenated blood rushing to the surface ( pretty cool) my partner for the day stated ( i love incline bench i can do 3 plates a side) dumbbells with good form DIFFERENT BALL GAME!!! He maxed out with 70lb dumbbells for 6 reps a far cry from the 300lbs he was boasting about..... to be fair he stayed with me grafting for the whole session which had 5 sets of decline, 5 sets of dip, 3 sets of cables and 3 sets of pullovers. Afterwards i gave him a smile and said all done? He said yeh him dying i normally hit triís but i am completely F***ED.

    The point of this update is to ensure that when you hit the gym you are going there and hitting the target muscle training your ego does nothing!!! Remember you donít take your lifting log book on stage with you and you canít say to a judge ďi bet i can bench moreĒ remember your goal, stay focused and blast that target muscle into submission.
    Rant over, stay tuned and TRAIN HARD in fact train hard then TRAIN HARDER!!!!
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  13. Quote Originally Posted by Cooky32 View Post
    There is nothing here about your products, and what you are using pre and post workout etc. what kind of proucts do you have, and what are they doing for you. What is CV Training? I have never heard of that. It sounds like you are having fun going all over the world and promoting your products, but I know nothing about them. I would like to hear about them please.
    I will get Joe to come and answer your questions. As for Anabolic Designs products heres a link to our sub-forum and here you can read the write-ups of our products.
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  14. Quote Originally Posted by Cooky32 View Post
    There is nothing here about your products, and what you are using pre and post workout etc. what kind of proucts do you have, and what are they doing for you. What is CV Training? I have never heard of that. It sounds like you are having fun going all over the world and promoting your products, but I know nothing about them. I would like to hear about them please.
    exactly! what happened to those selected to run logs for your products? inquiring anabolic minds want to know...LOL

  15. cooky thanks for enquiring, Mick has given a link as we have all product info on the AM site in our sub forum. CV is cardiovascular training, this is kept in during my offseason to maintain a lower bodyfat level.

    My supplements regimen is not blasted everywhere as we are not just pushing products, i find that some companiesjust talk about the supplmentation and forget or don't even put in the hard work in the gym!

    Supplements used pre training is our own pre workout Stampede- ( currently reformulation is in progress so i'm sampling)
    Ravenous is used with every meal to aid digestion, stop bloating and allow me to hit my 8 food intakes daily.
    Livermilk is used as general health and to detoxiify, i'm a big believer in alkaline levels in the blood being crucial so i use lots of detox and health supps.
    Fish oils are used, we are working on 2 other supplements which i'm using too but can't disclose this as of yet, protein i only use an isolate post training, the rest comes from solid food.

    I hope this gives some more insight and explains why we dont just push products all day long. Thanks Cooky
    [FONT="Arial"]TEAM ANABOLIC DESIGNS[/FONT]!/pages/Anabolic-Designs/174477927782

  16. Thank you so much bro. I do love the training conversation, and info. I really liked the chest session from above. Great stuff. I have been a product tester twice now, and given great and detailed responses. I am a 36 year old NPC bodybuilder and Navy Fitness trainer. I am also a welder, pipefitter, firefighter etc, but I train and advise on nutrition and supplementation on the ship too. Take care and I appreciate the detailed response.


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